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2019 September

  • I finally watched Dark Phoenix today. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but the #xmen jet did have a port where Cyclops could put his head so they can use him as a cannon, and apparently Nightcrawler can teleport 4 people across an entire city so there's that

    some weird character choices too. I mean, Erik's lackeys were basically random unknown mutants (I didn't even realize who Selene was supposed to be until she fell off the train). Not to mention the obscure Marvel alien race in the movie.

    At least we got our space firebird thingy so there's that

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2019 August

2019 July

  • Wasnt sure whether to post this since thise proportions are out of whack and that right shoulder might be dislocated, but maybe I can use it as a 'before' picture for when I actually get good at this. My linework is a lot steadier when using a physical pen and paper (but still shaky) as compared to the apple pencil on ipad. I guess the friction of pen on paper matters. #sketch #xmen #havok

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  • Cyclops and all the X-men who appeared in Starcraft 2. Super messy but I really just wanted to do a quick sketch to maybe jog myself back into the habit. I wanted to tighten up the linework and clean up the colors but I had done some silly things with the layers that made it difficult do maybe I won’t lol #sketch #xmen #starcraft2

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