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2023 June

  • The first week of June was a little bit rainy, though not as much as a supertyphoon would have brought. I think PAGASA already declared an official start to the rainy season? A Quote On June 1, 2023, 8:41 p.m. I wrote: "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes β€” including you." Anne Lamott My Week The week was a bit busy. Last week's weeknotes came late because I was busy through Monday. Tuesday had to get some errands done and had to help my parents prep for a long trip to the province.

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2023 May

  • These weeknotes are coming in very late, because I was quite busy Saturday through Monday. June is coming up this year, and June coming around always makes me feel like the year is passing by so quickly since that's almost the halfway point. All the years pass by so quickly these days. A supertyphoon was supposed to hit the country over the weekend, but the weather so far over the past few days has been quite pleasant (aside from some habagat rainshowers here and there). I think it's more of the northern side of the country being affected, but I

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  • As May streaks to the end, the rains start coming more often, though mostly in the early mornings for now. Hopefully we start to get less of this really intense heat. My Week The week wasn't especially busy, but also not very productive, mostly because of Zelda (see below) Some remnant errands this week, mostly involving waiting around in doctor's offices. Trivia team attended another quiz night last Thursday. It was a challenging set and a low-scoring game and we thought we were doing terribly, but actually ended up 1pt away from first place! Media Diet Gaming: Saturday: Hung out

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  • My Week This week was a bit better for me than before. Managed to move the needle on some side projects. Hung out with some friends. Went to a quiz night. Wrote a new Marvel run blog post. Entertained some new family members dropping in from abroad. However, I did receive a bit of family-related bad news, nothing super serious, but it made me a bit sad. A Photo I Took On May 8, 2023, 3:08 a.m. I wrote: My mom finally finished Jigsaw puzzle no. 2 after 4 months! I didn't help a lot with this one after the

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2023 April

  • My Week Wrote about some blogging things: Good Enough For Now My mom's phone, a Redmi 9, always has trouble because it only has 32gb of storage and is always running out of space. I ordered a new SD card for her phone and put in with the intent of moving some of her apps over to the SD card so that she would have more space available, but it turns out that feature was removed from Android some versions ago! That was quite annoying. My own phone's backplate is falling off randomly and so I also ordered a new

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  • April is already halfway over, and I once again find myself overcome by the feeling that time is passing by way, way too quickly. Easter passed by for me without fanfare. My Week Twitter emailed me to tell me one of my quote bots would get suspended, but somehow it kept happily posting along so :shrug: I wrote about my recent project of scanning old photographs. Trivia team headed out to GeekFight last Wednesday, but we fell short and finished first loser. NYT added a new "Digits" puzzle which reminds me a lot of Countdown from British TV, except with

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  • Second week of April, more or less. Today (Monday Apr 10) is a holiday over here. Celebrating the Day of Valor (i.e. the only instance worldwide of a nation commemorating a military defeat). The holiday was originally supposed to be on Apr 9, but that landed on Easter Sunday this year, so the holiday was moved up to Monday in the name of "holiday economics". Popular 2000s Pinoy online forum PinoyExchange is shutting down! Quite a bit of local early internet history will go away with it when it does. Some people are already trying to preserve the contents. My

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  • It's April! It has been a week. Donald Trump makes history (again) as the first former US president to be indicted. Elon open sources the Twitter "algorithm", promptly discovers there is an is_elon flag in there. My Week I came back from four days in Singapore. Had to deal with some webmention spam. The rest of my week was spent catching up with errands and backlogs piled up over the four days I was gone, and trying to get back into my daily rhythms. Those rhythms are easily disrupted! Errands included bank stuff, buying meds, and various end-of-month responsibilities. Trivia

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2023 March

  • March is ending, and the cool amihan winds have left us to our scorching hot days. Summer is truly here. My Week I spent Friday through Monday in Singapore visiting friends. Just arrived early this morning and basically slept all day. These are my excuses for why the weeknotes are coming in very late. The trip itself deserves it's own post, which I'll try to get around to soon. The rest of my week was prepping and packing and being anxious for the trip, and trying to fit in some errands before being away for a few days. Nothing much

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  • My Week I visited a friend in the hospital last Thursday, and it wasn't anything life threatening but I noted the visitor rules are still super strict despite the currently low occurrence of COVID in the country. The time frame when visits are allowed is limited to one hour per day, and only one visitor gets to visit each patient (supposedly for a maximum of 15 minutes, but there's no way that's enforceable). While it's inconvenient for the visitors, some of the hospital staff mention it has the added benefit that the hospitals aren't so crowded. Filipinos are super family-oriented

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  • My Week It's the second week of March, yet for some strange and nice reason the past few days have not yet been that hot, with the mornings and evenings a bit nippy even. The last gasps of the hanging amihan holding on before eventually giving way to the brutal summer heat. I suspect I won't have a lot to write about today. My week wasn't particularly busy, but was littered with reminders of how the universe has no particular obligation to respect one's plans. Globe gave us our first internet outage of the year this week. This time it

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2023 February

  • A Quote "Everything happens so much" Horse_ebooks My Week February is ending, time marches on relentlessly. This past week was mostly about family for me. An aunt came in from the province to stay with us for a bit. My dad and pamangkin #3 celebrated their birthdays. We all met up at an upscale mall yesterday to celebrate, and it's always fun when all the cousins get to hang out and play together. Our President, in his wisdom (?), decided to declare the 24th a holiday on the night before, upsetting a lot of people. My niece told me she

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2023 January

  • Four weeks in! January is nearing it's end. Time still flies faster than I expect. Middays are starting to get hotter, but the nights are still pretty brisk, making nighttime walks very comfortable. My walking discipline has been very good the past week as well. Finished the last of this batch of start-of-year medical errands this week. A lighter load, mostly teleconsults and routine check-ups. After this, the medical errands should be sporadic until they all come together again in April. On Jan. 30, 2023, 1:47 p.m. I wrote: After we finished the first jigsaw puzzle a while back, Ma

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  • This past weekend was the Lunar New Year, which is only for people who live in countries that have a moon. Someone told me recently that the term "Chinese New Year" is outdated and kind of racist, so the preferred term nowadays is "Lunar New Year". That's fine I guess? I don't think Filipinos are likely to change their wording regarding this anyway. I'm also easily confused nowadays because when I was young the greeting was always "Kung Hei Fat Choy", but these days there are a lot of variants. As shared by my mom from an unknown source: Just

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