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2023 January

  • I walk a lot. A couple of days ago I was thinking about how I'd been a walking a lot even when I was young. Since I now have Google Maps, I can check the distances of the routes I used to walk! High School Google Maps tells me my high school is around 3.7km away from where we lived back then. I am sure I walked that whole distance at least once, but not often. What I did do fairly regularly was walk down Agham Road and BIR road to my favorite spot on East Avenue, which should be

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2019 March

  • I stepped out of the house a bit past five in the morning today. I haven't done this in a while, taking my daily walk in the early morning. I used to do it pretty regularly, except back then I confined myself to the inner roads of our subdivision, or doing loops around the covered court in the nearby seminary. Walking the same routes every morning and doing repetitive routes got boring after a while, and combined with my erratic sleep schedule the habit soon fell off the wayside. I resumed my walking habit when I took a break from

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2018 December

  • The other day I wrote about how I've been walking on a regular basis recently. While the regularity and the tracking are fairly recent, I'm actually not that much of a stranger to walking as an activity. Even back when I was in high school I would often walk all the way home instead of taking the bus-and-jeep commute route I was supposed to take. It didn't take that much longer, and I often enjoyed the solace (and I got to save a bit of money, even as a child I was quite frugal~). In college, I would regularly walk

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2018 November

  • These days the only real exercise I get comes in the form of daily walks. When I took a work hiatus in 2016, it was one of the daily habits I promised myself I would pick up. During that time, I wanted to hit the often-recommended daily target of 10,000 steps per day. (Tangent: I found out while writing this post that this number may have no scientific basis after all) Back then, all I had to track my steps was the dinky Samsung health app that came with my Galaxy phone. It was good enough, at least at first.

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2002 December

  • (Note: This post is being published in January 2023, but I originally wrote this sometime in 2002. The publish date is backdated to a rough guess of when I wrote it.) I don't know why I did it. It just sort of happened as I was finishing a late-night sandwich one Saturday. I had a sudden urge to go out for a walk. It was almost eleven in the evening then, which wasn't really an issue since people in my home are generally awake up to one or two o'clock. It's just that I wasn't sure why I wanted to

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