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Mar 2019

Zero Time Dilemma

With the PS Vita recently being discontinued by Sony, I decided to work on reducing my Vita backlog a bit. One of the games I’d been meaning to play for a while now was Zero Time Dilemma, the third game in the Nonary Games trilogy. I’ve only previously played the 2nd game in the series, Virtue’s Last Reward, which is a bit appropriate given how the events in these games often unfold nonlinearly.

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The PS Vita has officially ended production. Sadness for the little handheld that could. The PSP that came before it was a juggernaut, and so was the 3DS it went into battle with. Unfortunately Sony never gave the Vita proper support, and third parties didn’t follow, so the handheld never lived up to its true potential. I haven’t had much opportunity for handheld gaming the past few years, since I don’t travel as much anymore.

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I dunno about you guys, but I reckon I’ll still be using my Vita at least a year or two from now.

I still have a decent Vita backlog…and I’m still looking forward to Tales of Hearts R and probably Freedom Wars.

That’s not even counting the additional playtime it’s going to get when I get a PS4

Edit: And also Gravity Rush 2! And Disgaea 4 (best on handheld~)!

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I don’t remember grinding too much as in fighting just for the sake of gaining levels. Are you doing the quests that will require you to backtrack through older dungeons to farm things (it doesnt feel too much like griding if you’re farming for something else). You can go back to earlier dungeons inside the TV by talking to party members, they’ll give you a choice to visit the dungeon where they were persona-ized (whatever).

Each of the older dungeons also has an additional optional boss on the top-level, I always did the optional boss of the previous dungeon (I think you get a nice item or something) before going for the boss of the current dungeon.

Try to bring a wide variety of personas in with you all the time, in terms of elemental attacks, so that you can always hit the enemy weak spots.

I would recommend backtracking for the above stuff particularly before trying to beat Rise’s dungeon where you are now - Rise’s dungeon has two bosses at the end.

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Aug 2013

Posted on r/vita: Help - Vita charger not working =(

Hey r/vita, hope you can help me a bit.

I plugged in my Vita to the AC adapter before going to sleep the other day, but when I woke up the next day it hadn’t gained any charge at all!

Any advice? I’ve already checked the connections: the vita to usb cable, usb cable into the black rectangle adapter, adapter to cable, and finally the wall outlet. It looks like all the connections only go in one way too so I don’t think I’ve reversed anything. The only unusual thing I noticed (which I’m not sure if this was already the case before) was that the metal part of the cable connector that plugs into the Vita doesn’t go all the way in, as seen in this badly taken grainy picture: It may have already been that way before, I’m not sure.

If I power off the Vita and plug it in to either the adapter or my PC, I don’t get that orange light thingy on the PS button.

I still have around 50% charge left on the Vita though. I can probably take it to a shop to be checked in a couple of days, but I was hoping /r/vita might have some advice in the meantime!

Edit: Okay, I also tried connecting it via USB cable to the PS3, but Content manager was unable to connect to the USB D: So it’s likely a faulty USB cable? Is this a common thing?

Update: I brought my Vita to a store and compared the USB cable to one of theirs and definitely something was wrong with my connector, so I had it replaced. The store lady said my connector might have suffered from the cable being pulled out too hard or something. Thanks for the input guys :D

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Well, that might take a while longer then. “The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time.” -

I’m hoping there’s cross-buy for the PS3 and Vita versions~

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