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2019 July

  • Travel Anxiety, Part 2

    I had written about travel anxiety before, but I'm revisiting the topic because the recent US trip reminded me how much of a problem it is for me. The US trip was a new experience because I would be abroad for 40 days with multiple travel legs, it involved 4 international flights (back and forth) plus three domestic flights within the US, and on one leg and several flights I would be travelling alone. I had travelled abroad before for a longer period (3 months for London in 2015), but for those 3 months I was based in the same

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  • After the Seattle part of the trip, I reunited with family for the final leg of the trip where we all be hanging around the San Francisco bay area. We were based in my uncle's place in Vacaville, which one of my friends kindly described as "in the sticks", i.e. basically far away from everything. Like Houston, we had to rely on the kindness of relatives who were willing and available to drive us around. This was the laziest part of the trip by far: not much walking, most of it either just driving to places and taking pictures; or

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  • US 2019 - Seattle

    Seattle was the riskiest part of my trip, relatively speaking, because it was my solo leg - I didn't have any friends or relatives in the city I could turn to in case of an emergency. I had also read online that while Seattle was very much a walkable city, there was a nontrivial homeless population, and some areas may be a bit sketchy after dark. As a friend of mine said though, "sketchy" in the US is probably a lot safer than "sketchy" in Metro Manila. I still worried a little bit, but given where I from, it didn't

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2019 June

  • Not much to say about Anaheim, it felt like the town was all about Disneyland and not much else. But then again we did spend our three days there just going to Disneyland, so what can you do? In LA we stayed in the Koreatown district, so everything felt weirdly Asian. Not Asian like living in Asia, but like Chinatown in any other city I guess? The city felt a bit dirty, I'm told the metro elevators smelled bad, and there was grafitti everywhere and a high incidence of homeless people. One time we took an elevator to get to

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  • US 2019 - Theme parks

  • US 2019 - Tourist mode exercise