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2023 May

2023 April

  • Somehow in spite of EM's best efforts, Twitter is still alive, barely hobbling forward, a shell of it's former self. And for some reason I'm still there, waiting to see what's gonna happen. My automated cross-post mechanisms are still working, as is my Twitter triviabot, most probably because I had upgraded them to use the newer Twitter API a while back before all this madness. New Tweetdeck On desktop/the web I use Twitter primarily via Tweetdeck and a selection of lists. A couple of weeks back I got switched over to a new version of Tweetdeck and it is seriously

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2023 February

  • I don't really care about Twitter cutting off free SMS 2FA (more secure options are still available), but it's weird that current users of the feature need to remove it themselves or lose access to their accounts. Apparently $44B tech companies are unable to automatically turn off a feature they are planning to take away!

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    A warning shown to Twitter SMS 2FA users saying they should remove it or lose access.

2022 February

2021 May

  • Monday Strixhaven quick drafts! #mtg #magicarena #twitch #twitter #mtgstrixhaven

    Did two quick drafts today, both were mediocre, but one was slightly better than the other. Probably one more QD stream this week before sealed open on the weekend!

    YT episode split into two because the stream hiccuped in the middle.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

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