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  • This one is new, last year I had to add up these stats myself! I did around 50% more streams this year. I still don't identify as a streamer though. And I still don't watch a lot of other streams.

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    Streamer stats
    Viewer stats
  • Did what might be final #MTGBRO drafts last night, this time with Alchemy!

    Unfortunately, this run ends on a poor note, as the two drafts went 0-3 and 3-3 respectively =/


    Looking forward to Phyrexia: All Will Be One next month, hopefully I do better with that set!

    #mtg #twitch #magicarena

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  • #MTGBRO drafts have been challenging for me so far on #MagicArena, but tonight I finally got my first trophy in the format! Tonight's two quick drafts went to 7 and 5 respectively, the best night of the run so far.


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