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2006 October

  • Smallville, Season Six

    Yeah, Season Six started last week. The ending of season five was pretty bleak -- Zod had taken over Lex Luthor's body, Clark had been banished to the phantom zone, the whole world's power grids had been shut down and Martha Kent and Lois Lane are on a plane that's about to crash. I was expecting some sort of multi-episode saga at the start of season six, maybe detailing more of Kyrpton's history (throught the phantom zone) and an epic battle of Zod-Lex vs Clark. Instead, what do we get? A series of somewhat-badly-written-and-quite-unlikely coincidences gives the humans a chance

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2006 May

  • Takeshi's Castle

    A very nice person handed me a CD with four episodes of Takeshi's Castle on it, and I had to keep myself from watching them while at work, as I was getting my officemates distracted. If you've never seen samples of wacky Japanese TV before, Takeshi's Castle is a good start. This wacky Japanese show throws a bunch of a hundred or so contestants into a series of ridiculous games, each one hoping to make it to the end to defeat Count Takeshi and win one million yen! Takeshi's Castle had a Philippine run, hosted by local actors Anjo Yllana

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2006 March

2006 February

  • Smallville

    I figure there are three reasons why people continue to watch Smallville: We want to see Clark become Superman (and Lex become... Lex) We want to see all the cool comic-book references and cameos We actually like all the drama and though we know otherwise, we harbor some sort of hope that maybe Clark and Lana will still get together anyhow As a comic geek, I guess I'm more inclined toward the first two. And I suspect a large majority of Smallville fans are as well. That being said, I also figure that there are four types of Smallville episodes:

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2005 October

  • Sunday Work and Naruto Fillers

    I have to work today :( And probably tomorrow and the day after as well, although both are local holidays. On what may very well become one of the company's biggest projects I might add, if we get the contract. On an unrelated note, these filler Naruto episodes are just silly. It doesn't make sense that Raiga, one of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen, can be defeated by Naruto and Lee (no matter how drunk Lee is); Raiga is supposedly on par with his former comrade Kisame, who was easily able to take on two of Konoha's jounins. There should be

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2005 September

  • The A-Team!

    My hiatus involves quite a bit of TV of course, especially since I get some idle time while waiting for installations/formatting/downloads to finish. Today, for the first time in maybe twenty years, I saw an exciting action-packed episode of the A-Team! For those not in the know, the A-Team was a bunch of rogue ex-commandos who usually acted as mercs, fighting for good, beating bad guys and saving the day. In the parlance of Roland of Gilead, gunslingers. The A-Team TV series was most famous for having as one of its cast the now-popular-on-the-internet tough-talking, fool-pitying Mr. T. I also

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