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2022 May

  • Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness:

    • fun, trippy and very "comic book" movie
    • better if you have seen Wandavision
    • don't bring kids, they might get scared

    Moon Knight:

    • some beautiful shots of varied locations
    • great performances
    • plot was ok, episode 5 was weird but probably the best one
    • ending a bit weak
    • probably enjoy it more if you're into the comics
  • A whole new month just crept up on us huh. I don't have anything particularly witty to say at the moment. The World Putin's invasion of Ukraine is now in its 10th week. No end in sight. Not sure if it's worth it to continue tracking this here since this may go on for a while. PH/Politics: One week remains until the elections on Monday the 9th. It's the homestretch! There was some kind of Baby Marcos-aligned sortie near our house last night. I briefly considered buying a tomato. I wrote a short note about my thoughts for the last

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2022 April

2022 March

2022 February

  • Actually managed to get through some of the TV backlog this week. The Book of Boba Fett This show started out okay, but then rapidly found itself trying to do too many things at once and bringing in so many Star Wars references and two whole episodes weren't even about Boba Fett. The show could have used a standalone season that fleshes out Boba Fett's character, why he chose to be where he is now (other than his motivation from the Mandalorian of "I want my armor. That was my dad's armor!") before trying to bring in all the other

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2022 January

  • Finally watched this despite not knowing anything about League of Legends, mostly because everyone kept raving about how great it was. First off, the animation and aesthetic are fantastic and top-notch. Story is ok, a typical tragic class conflict where there are few real heroes. Music is great; I like the opening song by Imagine Dragons. Will probably watch the next season.

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  • I binged the first season of this last week because I saw a good review of it. It's a comedy, but not a laugh-out-loud funny one, more wit than laugh track, though Steve Martin does put in some physical comedy at some point. It was ok, reasonably clever, but also a bit predictable. True crime fans might enjoy it more. Not sure if I'd watch the next season.

2021 December

  • Hawkeye Hawkeye was fine. It was less about Clint Barton and more about introducing Kate Bishop and seeing the aftermath of Natasha's death in Endgame. Ending was kind of so-so. There is one post-credits scene at the end of the last episode, it's fun. (Spoilers) Wheel of Time Wheel of Time: The plot of season 1 follows the plot of the first book very, very loosely and diverges a lot by the final episode. I mostly enjoyed the season, and I can understand why they would choose to diverge from the books, though I will admit some of the decisions

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  • Finished the current Doctor Who: Flux series yesterday. It was a bit meh and loosely plotted, but I kinda enjoyed it. Chibnall definitely won't be missed though. The season seemed to mostly revolve around trying to dig out of the Timeless Child background set up in the previous season while at the same time squeezing out a last chance to use classic Who villains: Sontarans, Daleks, Weeping Angels etc. Also: So many companions! Anyway, apparently Jodie is getting a few more specials next year with Chibnall before they turn the reins back to RTD. I wish Jodie had gotten a chance with another (probably better) showrunner, but alas.

2021 November

2021 September

  • I finished a rewatch of House earlier this week; it's only my second time through the series. First time was during my stay in London, when I did a Netflix UK trial. I don't think I ever caught it when it was running on TV, but it's quickly become one of my favorite procedural shows. I thought I'd write a quick retrospective on the show. (Writing about stuff helps me remember details!) Seasons 1-3 The first few seasons set up the premise for the series: Gregory House, genius diagnostician, misanthrope, painkiller addict, and all-around asshole, able to solve and diagnose

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2021 August

2021 July