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2021 September

  • TV Retrospective: House MD

    I finished a rewatch of House earlier this week; it's only my second time through the series. First time was during my stay in London, when I did a Netflix UK trial. I don't think I ever caught it when it was running on TV, but it's quickly become one of my favorite procedural shows. I thought I'd write a quick retrospective on the show. (Writing about stuff helps me remember details!) Seasons 1-3 The first few seasons set up the premise for the series: Gregory House, genius diagnostician, misanthrope, painkiller addict, and all-around asshole, able to solve and diagnose

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    Sept. 15, 2021, 9 a.m. / / blog / #tv #house / Syndicated: mastodon twitter / 1538 words

2021 August

2021 July

2021 June

  • Schitt's Creek

    "Our lives are like little baby crows carried upon a curious wind and all we can wish, for our families, for those we love, is that that wind would eventually place us on solid ground." -- Moira Rose I started watching Schitt's Creek during my last game jam weekend. I decided to try it out mostly because I remembered it getting a lot of buzz for its last season back in 2020 and getting a lot of Emmy Awards for that season. I ended up binge-watching all six seasons of the series in around two weeks. The accolades are quite

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    June 26, 2021, 2:05 p.m. / / blog / #tv / Syndicated: mastodon twitter / 457 words
  • Binged thru S5 of Kim's Convenience yesterday. Still so easy to background-watch. Too bad it's the final season, they still had a few open threads to resolve. Apparently there's a planned spinoff starring Shannon, who's the second-worst character on the show! WTH. (Worst character is Janet lol)

2021 May

  • Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 2

    I binged season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan this week (after watching season 1 back in 2018!). This season felt tighter than the first in terms of pacing and such.But I'm not happy with the way it promotes American interventionism and their easy willingness to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation (however justified it may be)

2021 April

  • Invincible season 1

    Invincible season 1 finale was pretty great, the fight was intense and afterwards I couldn't believe there was still half an episode to go. It's been a while since I read the books so I'm not sure, but I think they diverged a bit from the source material, but it's fine.The series was developed well enough, decent pacing and enough to portray the major characters well. Looking forward to season 2!

  • Falcon and Winter Soldier review (with some spoilers): more action-packed and straightforward compared to Wandavision, jumping straight into the action from the get go some great performances here, especially from Sebastian Stan (Bucky), Wyatt Russell (John Walker), and Daniel Bruhl (Zemo) Bucky and Sam have great chemistry, even though they start out annoyed at each other pacing is a bit odd at times; feels more like an extended movie than a weekly episodic series (especially compared to Wandavision, which took advantage of the weekly format really well) although a complete story by itself, this one felt more of a setup

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  • A number of people I follow have been raving about Ted Lasso for a while, so I thought I'd give it a try. My thoughts: Season 1 is 10 episodes, each episode 30 minutes long. I finished all of the episodes over the span of one day! I didn't know much coming in: I knew it was about sports, and I knew it was supposedly a comedy. For some reason I assumed it was about American football. It turns out to be about English association football, i.e. soccer! Wikipedia claims the series is a comedy, but it's not a "ha-ha

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2021 March

  • Wandavision Spoiler-free Review

    #WandaVision spoiler-free review: Overall, I really liked it, and I think they did well with the one-episode-per-week format. The show certainly would not have been this hyped if it all came in one drop Really difficult to not spoil. If you have somehow avoid being spoiled by the internet until it all dropped, good for you! A very emotional story of Wanda dealing with the aftermath of Infinity War/Endgame good usage of the sitcom tropes fantastic performance by Elisabeth Olsen lots of fan service for comic book fans to dig into. Maybe too much even; don't overthink or overhype it

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2020 December

  • Perfect Strangers

    While digging through some old stuff recently I found a copy of the late 80s/early 90s US sitcom Perfect Strangers and decided to binge through all 8 seasons of it (really more like 6 and a half, since seasons 1 and 8 were an abridged 6 episodes each). I grew up watching this series, on live tv even, before we had cable or Netflix or anything like that. During the binge-watch I remember a good number of the episodes from the first season all the way up to the end of season 7, which implies almost all of it was

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    Dec. 5, 2020, 8:07 p.m. / / blog / #tv / Syndicated: mastodon twitter / 743 words

2020 September

  • Weeknotes 2020-09-27

    October is imminent! There are two distractions I'm looking forward to in the coming month. The first one is Inktober, which I've been doing since 2016. Basically it's just to do 30 ink drawings in October, one per day. There are some official prompts, which I'll probably follow. I haven't really done any serious sketching in a while, maybe this will help me get back into the groove. The second one is Hacktoberfest! Basically it's an event where you have to submitted some number of GitHub PRs in October, and there's some swag for people who finished. I last participated

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2020 August

  • Weeknotes 2020-08-30

    This last week was weird. I feel like I didn't really get much done in terms of productivity, yet I don't feel I was unproductive. A very relaxed and chill week. Once again a tiny bit of work done this past week, some fixes, including to side projects. I also spent some time preparing for some events next weekend. Although I wasn't productive this week, I did outline a bit of a roadmap of new features for one of my side projects, hopefully I can get into that in the coming weeks! We are still in a pandemic! But I

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  • Agents of SHIELD

    I had some complaints about the latter half of the season, but I liked how they resolved their timey-wimey business. Agents of SHIELD had a great run and a pretty good series finale

2020 April

  • Weeknotes 2020-04-19

    This week went by quickly, for some reason. And despite the fact that it's summer, the rains have started coming in early, although only sporadically. inb4 "the world is healing" The COVID19 Diary is still being updated every few days. Actually went out 3 times this week, once for groceries, and twice for meds for the parental units (one would assume they would coordinate so I can just buy everything in one go, but nooooo.) Maybe that contributed to why the week went by so fast for me. Going out these days saps your energy a lot more than it

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