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  • In the wee hours earlier for some reason I decided to watch Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) while playing online boardgames with friends. It was the only one of the Bayverse films I hadn't seen yet, and now that I have that seemed like a good decision. Too long, ridiculous plot, and once again the Decepticons barely distinguishable from each other.

    The story needs a lot of suspension of disbelief. Lots of spectacle as you'd expect from Michael Bay. Surprised they managed to get Anthony Hopkins for this. John Turturro is still around, but serving only as plot exposition. They decided to introduce a new female lead that looked as close to Megan Fox as possible.

    The movie ends with Cybertron crashed into Earth, so you kind of have to suspend your belief in physics as well. Also, apparently Earth is Unicron! WTH lol.

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  • Some Youtube channels I've been enjoying recently: ComicTropes is a weekly show that does deep dives into various mainstream comics titles, and often includes the background history of characters and creators, so very interesting stuff for comic book nerds. GameMaker's ToolKit talks about video game level design topics. His series "Boss Keys" does a deep dive into Zelda dungeons and analyzes them based on criteria like linearity. His level design analyses are strongly based on systems and gameplay and how they affect the player experience. Good stuff. EmGo is a Transformers toy reviewer that I watch sometimes. I don't buy

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  • Sunstreaker and Drag Strip #transformers #dilawan

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  • BUMBLEBEE Spoiler-Free review!

    - attached image summarizes the plot. loljk (credit: Transformers (1985 - Marvel) #2)
    - I’m a big Transformers fan, more G1 than Bayverse (I didn’t even watch the last Michael Bay one). If you are like me, you will probably enjoy the film
    - if you grew up in the 80s like me, you will enjoy the film a bit more. Props to the 80s soundtrack
    - the plot is simple, straightforward and unambitious, unencumbered by any of Bayverse Megatron’s super-complicated plans that he has been plotting for million of years in case he gets stranded on earth
    - not having a plethora of autobot and decepticon characters to develop on each side means the transformers are more distinctive and easier to identify, a big problem I had with the later bayverse films
    - i didnt understand some scenes where it looked like the characters were talking to some kind of human soldier but I can’t see him?
    - foolish humans!
    - there is a “mid-credits” scene; I say “mid-credits” because they really only show the director credit before immediately going into the “mid-credits” scene
    - magugustuhan ba ni mama: no, she’s not into giant robots. the movie is family-friendly, other than the violent explosions
    - after the movie, I went to the CR to pee, and I overheard two kids talking: “Ano pangalan nung autobot na pula? Christopher?” “Cliffjumper!”

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