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2019 May

2018 December

  • Aquaman Spoiler-Free review!

    • I came in with low expectations (given DC's history), but the movie turned out pretty good, even though it wasn't the best comic book related thing I've seen this week (see previous post)
    • it's fun and action-packed, some fun set pieces and action sequences. Lots of CGI (as can be expected)
    • the plot is fairly predictable, I've seen similar story arcs for this character more than once, things pretty much happen as you expect
    • also the plot kinda feels a bit like black panther, except in reverse? does that make sense?
    • the first act felt a bit longish, but not really draggy or anything, it's just that there's a lot of set up to be done
    • the director's horror movie background shines through a bit in one of the sequences around the second act
    • I had the urge to pee about 1 hour in, but I had to hold it in until the end of the movie, I didn't want to miss stuff. So much water didn't help!
    • Arthur's dad looks like a Pinoy lol
    • I didn't watch in IMAX3D, but I suspect there's a lot of 3d given the volume of CGI
    • there is one mid-credits scene
    • I'd say it's family-friendly even though there is quite a bit of bloodshed
    • magugustuhan ba ni Mama. Eh, maybe? Not really her type of movie, but maybe if I explain it a bit?

    Spider-verse this weekend!

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2018 October

  • Sometimes in my head, I like to give the president the benefit of the doubt, that maybe he isn't aware of killings being perpetrated in his name or that he has no idea his policies lead to such violence or maybe subordinates are doing it without his knowledge or maybe it's just rogue cops or whatever. I can't read his mind, so I understand there's a whole spectrum of possibilities as to what the truth is. Then he opens his mouth to speak and it is easy to see which end of that spectrum is far more likely.

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