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2007 January

  • NewsHutch -- feed aggregator

    I'm going to try out a new feed aggregator for a while -- NewsHutch. Don't get me wrong, Bloglines is nice and all, but one gets tired of the UI after a while. NewsHutch looks... nice. And don't get me started on Google Reader... that one is slow as molasses. (I added it to my Google Customized Homepage though, maybe that makes it better)
  • Personal Productivity

    Since I'm going back to work starting on Saturday, I thought I'd try to look for ways to improve my productivity at work. I've downloaded a few utilities that I can try at work to see if it can improve my workflow. The first one is SlickRun. Basically it's a Start -> Run replacement -- press a predefined hotkey and a small command line tool appears where I can type shortcut-like commands. One of the features I liked while using Kubuntu was something similar -- I think it was called Katapult. It sorts of automates an old trick I was

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  • Adventures in Linux Land, part 4

    I upgraded my Kubuntu Linux installation to Edgy Eft during the Christmas break. Some notes: Why can't there be a one-click install? You know, some pop-up alert bubble in the corner saying "A new version of Kubuntu is available." I don't see why the user needs to edit the sources.list file, do the apt-get stuff, etc., when all of this can basically be automated away. Except for one thing, I can do everything I need to do using Kubuntu instead of using Windows. Unfortunately, that one thing I cannot do is something that I do a lot: gaming. Unfortunately, I'm

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2006 October

  • new monitor

    As promised, a picture. That desk used to hold an entire monitor! Now it has my wallet, a watch, a couple of flash drives, a landline, a cellphone and a whole bunch of wires!
  • 19-inches of Widescreen LCD Sweetness

    I wish I had a camera right now so I could post a picture of it, but yeah, I now have a brand-new 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor on my desk. Wow, I have so much space! Both physical space and desktop space! I came home at past 12 midnight last night and was so sleepy I would have immediately went into a catatonic sleep had my brother not brought home and installed this new monitor. I pretty much had to play WoW for a few hours on it first. As my friend said, "It's the law!" In other news, I

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  • Eudora to Become Open Source

    QUALCOMM Press Center -- QUALCOMM Launches Project in Collaboration with Mozilla Foundation to Develop Open Source Version of Eudora Email Program --link Wow. Eudora was my email client of choice back in the day, when webapps were still so much crappier. I suppose they realized so many people had switched to using either GMail or Thunderbird, that they had to do something to make their product relevant. My favorite thing about Eudora was that their client would have a stats page; it literally tracks the amount of time you spend reading and writing email, the average amount of mail you

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2006 June

2006 April

  • Yahoo Mail Beta

    I tried the new Yahoo Mail Beta for a while, but I decided to switch back just now. Short review: it's nice looking, but feels a tad sluggish. Well, sluggish compared to gmail at least. The biggest problem is that scrollbar in the message list. It's like promising that you can scroll through all your messages, but when you try to scroll to a far away part of the list, you just get a lot of "Loading... " text. I doubt that scales very well, especially as you get to the thousands in your number of messages. Google is being

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  • Recording Industry vs The People

    There are a handful of issues that would influence the general direction of the human race in years to come. Terrorism, oil scarcity, trade imbalances and worldwide poverty come to mind, and these are the ones most commonly discussed in mainstream media. There is however, another important battle being waged that is far removed from the minds of the everyday person. That battle is Recording Industry vs The People. Some of the posts at the above blog are awesome reads and point to an alarming pattern of abuse of the United States' judicial system by large corporations with armies of

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  • Ubuntu Desktop 01-Apr-2006

    I'm getting a lot more comfortable with Ubuntu... I spent about half an hour today customizing the environment and setting up some stuff. I can do my downloading in Ubuntu now; I just need to set up some sort of shared FAT32 partition that both WinXP and Ubuntu can access for easy transfer between the two OS. (Currently, Ubuntu only has read-only access to the NTFS file system) In fact, most of my home PC usage can be done in Ubuntu now, except for one important thing: gaming. I swear, games are the only thing keeping Linux from becoming mainstream;

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2006 March

  • Ballmer, Bemused --

    Ballmer, Bemused -- An interview with Steve Ballmer -- a lot of "Microsoft is cool" gibberish, but one nice quote stands out for me: Right now, I can go out and get a free alternative to just about every product Microsoft sells. Why do people keep paying you for something they could get free? Ballmer: One, people value their time. Our stuff does more, and they like that. Two, people value their time, and those [free] things tend to be clunky. Let's say you think you can save $50. And then you go and waste three hours. You

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  • Adventures in Linux-land, part 3

    I think I'm starting to get the hang of this :p This whole thing with Kubuntu, where I have to use Adept to install stuff is really weirding out my Windows-geek tendencies. For today, all I wanted was to get some mp3s playing on Kubuntu. Unfortunately, the default included players (Kaffeine and Amarok) were giving me trouble, claiming they could not play mp3s! I asked around for some help, and read some FAQs, but I kept getting errors trying to download and install gstreamer-mad 0.8. After a while I gave up and started mucking around in Adept to find an

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2006 February

  • Adventures in Linux-land, part 2

    Previously: I installed Kubuntu, but failed to get the internet working. But now, since we got a router to service our home network (whereas previously we were using a cross-cable directly connecting two computers), I decided to give it another shot. Apparently, if I have a router between my PC and the DSL line, I can use something called DHCP to automatically configure my ethernet connection. And I did that! Woohoo, and now I'm posting from Linux! Now, the question is, what next? I seem to be a total newbie at this Linux thing, I even downloaded Firefox but couldn't

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  • Desktop 2006-02-19

    Feb. 19, 2006, 2:43 p.m. / / blog / #tech-life / Syndicated: flickr / 19 words
  • A Numbers Puzzle

    Some people I know enjoy puzzles. (So do I.) Here's a neat one: 85 37 655321 64389000 466 64 24601 101 980 95 057 42799 6 The only hint provided is: It's not something you'll figure out by just thinking about it, but with some creative Googling you can get it. Via J-Walk (Warning: the link will show you the answer!) Edit 2017: The link above is dead, so I've recovered the answer from the Wayback Machine, for my own sanity. They're all prisoners! 1) 85 -- Al Capone 2) 37 -- Paul Newman's character in Cool Hand Luke 3)

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2006 January

  • Adventures in Linux Land, Part 1

    So yeah, out of a strange mix of adventurism, inertia, coincidence and plan old boredom, I decided to install linux on this machine. At first I just wanted to see how easy the install would be, but after I nuked my Windows XP install I sort of had no turning back. (-_-!) Anyway, I went for a dual boot of Windows XP and Kubuntu, supposedly an easy-to-use Linux distro. So yeah, I even watched this video online that showed how to do the installs. (The video shows two guys doing the dual boot install with XP and Ubuntu, same difference.)

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    Jan. 10, 2006, 11:25 p.m. / / blog / #tech-life / Syndicated: blogger / 194 words

2005 October

2005 September

  • Total Hard Drive Space: Tripled!

    Bought a brand-spankin' new 160GB hard drive yesterday. Seagate Barracuda 7200. Yessir, ups the total hard drive capacity at home to 240 gigs, I hope we don't fill it up too fast. Moved the 40GB hard drive on the primary computer to the secondary (for a total of 80 on the secondary), and installed the new one on the primary. My brother Alvin was working with me on this, and it took us a better part of three hours to get the connection right (one of the casings wasn't very agreeable) Installed a fresh XP on the primary, that took

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