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  • Posted on r/Talesof: [Tales of Hearts R] Can anyone tell me what's in that box over there? And maybe how to get to it? Sorc ring can't hit the crystal from here

    [12:30] This is already on the second visit to Lignatore. I had already defeated the boss and there was the cutscene and everything, then I realized I didn't get this box and I probably won't be able to get it. I still have this save game that's right before the boss before I go to Mysticete, wondering if whatever is in there is worth re-loading to try to get it :p

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2016 January

  • Woo first time I completed a game's Steam achievements lol

    [2021-12-16] Added in some screenshots I'd uploaded before to Steam. I really enjoyed putting the sunglasses on everybody lol. Also, favorite character: Rose.

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