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2022 May

  • Around 14 months after I first broke through to Silver rank in #StreetFighterV I managed to hit Super Silver for the first time! At this rate, it'll be two years into SF6 before I hit Gold in SFV lol #gaming

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2021 May

  • #StreetFighterV: Why does the higher ranked guy get 2.5x more league points than I lose? Seems like his win points should be downscaled for beating a lower ranked guy.

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2021 March

  • After five years of languishing in the bronze ranks of Street Fighter V, I somehow managed to break through to silver!! #gaming

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2019 August

  • I feel like I'm going to be tempted to get the 3 new SFV characters even though (a) SFV isn't in the best place right now; (b) I'm not very good at the game anyway; (c) I'm probably still gonna be using Ryu all the time lol

    I am bummed at how sad Ono was about the #StreetFighterV leak though. I'm actually still hoping this is a fake-out and they have more stuff to announce after the Evo finals!

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