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  • Apparently it was a bad day to take a train to birmingham for egx as there's a rugby world cup match there today; the train is jam packed and i might be standing for 2hrs :/

    That train ride was ridiculous. Stupid rugby world cup #egx (@ National Exhibition Centre (NEC))

    Waiting to give sfv a whirl #egx

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    My feet hurt

    Egx was a welcome escape, although my feet are close to dead (hopefully I manage to get a seat on the train back to london). Didnt get to try too many games, the queues for the big aaa releases were ridiculous. Spent most of the time walking around and watching other people play. Nintendo booth was the most fun, I hung out at the sony one only for sfv. Lots of indies to see, some with very nice/clever premises

    I was able to travel out of London by myself and make it back safely! This means I can travel to Scotland now. Wut