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  • HBO Max caused a bit of a stir among its subscribers last week when they accidentally sent out an email titled "Integration Test Email #1" to some large number of their subscribers, which spawned a lot of clever commentary and snarky remarks on Twitter. A few days later HBO Max sent out an apology blaming an unnamed intern for the boo-boo, which spawned a lot of "Dear Intern" tweets with many commiserating with the unnamed intern by sharing their own stories of mishaps from their younger days. There was also a thread of other developers and their stories of how

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2021 May

  • I'm not big on modern frontend JavaScript frameworks (mostly because I think web pages should use as little JS as possible), but when I do find the need to use one, my weapon of choice is Vue.js. I dislike React, but mostly because (a) my first experience with React was with mobile development using React Native for mobile app development, which I generally don't like; and (b) I don't like Facebook, which backs React. I have no opinion on Angular. Despite being my frontend framework of choice, I don't actually have that much experience with Vue beyond a few small

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