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2019 August

  • "That's not insomnia", my friend said, "You have something like a 28-hour sleep cycle." I laughed and uttered "I'm out of sync with this world!" I was describing why I was almost late meeting the group for lunch, telling him I had trouble going to sleep and slept at 7am, only waking up at 10am. During the past few days my sleep times have steadily been moving later and later until they pushed into the early morning. And once I was close enough to breakfast time, well, I didn't want to miss breakfast, so I would often push through whatever

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    Tue, Aug. 13, 2019, 8 a.m. / / blog / #sleep / Syndicated: twitter / 👍 1 / 🔁 1 / 283 words

2019 February

  • I love sleeping. And taking naps. But I'm not very good at doing it at night. Insomnia is a common problem for me. I often find it difficult to go to sleep at night, taking upwards of 1-2 hours in bed before I can manage to fall asleep. Of course all that time lying there feels unproductive, so I'll often be tempted to to grab a nearby screen and read something online or such, which makes it even harder to get to sleep. I don't blame the electronics devices completely, though. I remember even when I was a kid I

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    Mon, Feb. 11, 2019, 1:56 p.m. / / blog / #sleep / Syndicated: twitter / 563 words