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2023 March

  • Travelling by air again means an inordinate amount of time waiting at airports, so I passed the time with some sketching/doodling. I didn't have an actual sketchbook handy, so a ruled notebook had to do.

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  • (@Changi Terminal 4)

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  • My friends asked me how this movie was and I was like "It meets expectations. You kind of imagine what a new John Wick movie would be like, and this is exactly that." Great action sequences as usual. One of the characters I had no idea why he was in the script at all, didn't seem like he added anything of interest.

    While I did enjoy the film, I do think the whole John Wick saga went on a bit too long, and each additional entry, while entertaining, will just never have as much bang as the previous entries, so I'm glad this film concluded the way it did.

  • We played Get Lucky, which is apparently a card game version of a board game called Kill Doctor Lucky. Fun game, but the way it's designed seems to make it always boil down to attrition in the end. I won the first game of the two we played.

    A couple of other games we tried to play:

    • Fight Your Friends: The ten-year old had been wanting to play this all weekend now that he had more people to play with, as he was thinking it was a group game. Turns out it was a one-vs-one game so he kind of lost interest.
    • The Great Dalmuti: An old favorite among our playgroup. We managed to finish one round before discovering the deck was actually missing a card, and we quit afterwards.

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  • (@Gochi-So Shukudo Chinatown Point)

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  • (@SEA Aquarium 8 Sentosa Gateway Resorts World Sentosa)

    We were originally planning to go to Adventure Cove, but the weather did not agree with those plans, so we went to the aquarium instead. (My record of never having gone to a water park remains unscathed.)

    This is only the second aquarium I've ever been to, first one was in Houston. This one was much better, it had a lot more stuff and interesting displays. The ten-year-old's review: "10/10 would visit again!"

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  • (@Afuri VivoCity)

  • (@Artscience Museum 10 Bayfront Av)

    We attended the FutureWorld: Where Art Meets Science show. It was pretty neat, lots of pretty interactive light displays. There was a thing that was like a lot of single-tile suspension bridges strung together (I dared not attempt it!). Fun activities for kids as well.

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  • Some friends wanted to watch this in the cinema so I went with them. I hadn't seen a lot of Makoto Shinkai before. I've seen 5cms/second and know a bit about Your name by reputation, so I was expecting something similar to either of those, which I am willing to sit through, but not really the sort of thing I'm super into.

    My expectations were broken. I ended up greatly enjoying this film. It had a lot more action than I expected, the animation was fantastic, and the script and plot were very clever and had the sort of timey-wimey shenanigans I always enjoy.

    Lol that chair!

  • (@Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner 107 North Bridge Rd)

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