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2023 April

2023 March

  • 🔁 Repost from rodneylives:

    What happens to old sites? They decay. Their maintainers lose interest or forget about them. Their software eventually falls out of date. They break. Eventually, they stop paying the server and domain bills, and the site goes dark. The Wayback Machine saves some, but not all, never the moving parts of a site, and often incompletely.

    Realize now, this will happen to every site you use and love today. The internet is not kind to old tech and information, even when it's still perfectly good. Old memes, old communities, old shows, bands, games, their days are all numbered. Entropy rules all.

    If you find a site that dates to 2005 or earlier but is still on the web, that _matters_. Simple longevity on the net is a noteworthy feat.

2022 December

2022 November

  • 🔁 Repost from tzimmer_history:
    Thoughts on Twitter, Musk, and the destruction of the virtual public square. The end may be near. No amount of snark or schadenfreude will change the fact that this situation is a disaster. Twitter has always been a mess – but also a crucial instrument to democratize America. There are two distinct, but intertwined issues here: There is the fact that a tech oligarchy, animated by an inherently anti-democratic worldview, holds so much power; and there is, more specifically, the threat to the world’s most important political communications platform.

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