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2021 January

  • Posted on r/MagicArena: Foretell and Revealed Cards in Hand on Arena

    I'm wondering how Arena will handle using Foretell when some of the cards in the opponent's hand are revealed to you, since the card you exile with foretell should be hidden information. i.e., if I thoughtseize you and you're holding 3 different foretell cards, then during your turn you pay 2 and exile one of them, the other 2 should no longer be revealed to me, since I would be able to deduce which card was exiled.

    Have they made any statement about this? I'm not super confident they'd handle it well lol.

2020 October

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2020 May

  • Posted on r/psych: Questions about S7/S8 Shawn and Juliet

    So I binged the entire series recently. I had only seen a few episodes on and off before, so I hadn't really followed the whole Shawn and Juliet relationship before too closely. My question is about Jules and Shawn taking a break after Jules learns The Truth (TM) during Lassiter's wedding.

    Basically, the show made a big deal of how Jules couldn't trust Shawn and even after Jules stops Shawn from confessing to the chief, she still says there's an issue of trust. Yet the very next episode, Shawn is sleeping at Jules' place again, and a couple of episodes later he just randomly tells Gus at the end of the episode that he and Jules are officially back together again, without giving us any indication of what happened in between for Shawn to earn back that trust.

    It just feels totally unearned compared to the big deal Juliet made about it after the wedding. Did they just run out of episodes to resolve things (the season ends the episode after Shawn says they are back together). I was just wondering if it was just me, or did the community feel this way about it at the time?

    I was also wondering if it had something to do with Roday and Lawson splitting up as a couple IRL sometime in 2013? It's noticeable that from that point onwards, the show places much less emphasis on them as a couple, did they decide to just quickly wrap up the focus on Shawn/Juliet because of their IRL status?

    Am I overthinking this? Lol.

2020 March