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  • 🔁 Repost from rands:

    Guerilla personality test: on a PostIt, make a list of three things that make you irrational/psychotic. Now, eat the PostIt.

  • @PPCRV is there a partial count of party-list available? #halalan

    RT @trymykungfu good news: automated polls show true will of the people. bad news: automated polls show true will of the people. #halalan

    to those disappointed w erap's rank: did u do anything to educate his supporters? #halalan

    if we're disappointed w the outcome we also share part of the blame, it means we didnt do enuf to educate others #halalan

    I don't see why people are surprised with Lapid/Revilla/Estrada winning when it has been predicted by surveys for weeks before #halalan

    To those who think Noynoy won't be a good president: all the more reason to work with him, help him do his job & keep him honest. #halalan

    Since magaling cummonect sa mahirap si Erap, Noynoy should tap him for something useful like voter education. #halalan

    Dick Gordon concedes the election to Aquino: #halalan

    Appropriate for the results of #halalan RT @rands: Just because you don't believe doesn't mean you can't help.

    For those bemoaning the "unwise" choices of the masses: The poor vote is a thinking vote: #halalan

    RT @JeromeGotangco: If your candidate didn't win, don't call it political immaturity. It's called Democracy.

    RT @ANCALERTS: Villar concedes, congratulates Aquino on victory #HALALAN

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