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2019 February

  • “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been." ― John Greenleaf Whittier, Maud Muller - Pamphlet It is human nature perhaps, to think about those alternate realities that might have come from different decisions or different dispositions. If only I was braver. If only I was more decisive. If only I didn't have something holding me back. If only I knew what I knew now. If only I had fought harder for it. If only I could speak to her again one last time. If only I realized what it all meant.

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  • “None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after-thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else." — Keanu Reeves via swissmiss
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  • For my first few years in elementary school, I didn't get any pocket money. Instead I'd have a couple of sandwiches and a thermos of water. So I wasn't used to handling money. One time while waiting for the school bus, I was a bit thirsty but my thermos was already out. For some reason, I decided to borrow five pesos from a classmate to buy a coke from the canteen. This gave me a bit anxiety on the ride home. It meant I had to ask my parents for money so I can pay back the guy! I had

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  • It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: And this, too, shall pass away. How much it expresses! How chastening in the hour of pride!how consoling in the depth of affliction! - Abraham Lincoln More quotes! I like ones that have a level of ambiguity, a meaning that changes depending on situation. "This too shall pass" teaches us to hope in times of desperation, and encourages temperance in times of

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2019 January

  • Quote 1: "The world isn't fair Calvin" "I know Dad, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favor?" -- Bill Watterson, "Calvin and Hobbes" Quote 2: "If you expect the world to be fair with you because you're fair to them, its like asking a lion not to eat you because you don't eat lions." (Unknown source) We accept that the natural order of the world is inherently unfair. There are stronger creatures and weaker creatures, there are predators and there are prey. But does it follow that because the natural world is unfair, that human society must also

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  • "Productivity is what makes things fun, that's why humans go to work." - Raymond Holt

2018 November

  • "The price for being the best is always... having to be the best." Terry Pratchet, Lords and Ladies This is one of my favorite quotes. For context: in the story, one of the characters has a special talent that he can shoe anything anyone gives him (like when you put horseshoes on a horse). And Granny Weatherwax tells him that the price he pays for that talent is that when someone brings him something to shoe, no matter how wild or ridiculous the request, he has to do it. In real life of course, the literal interpretation is ridiculous. You

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  • “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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2018 July

  • Retweeted VIOLETSYSTEMS-SHICHE (@entroemcee): “People who couldn’t imagine themselves capable of evil were at a major disadvantage in dealing with people who didn’t need to imagine, because they already were.” William Gibson, The Peripheral

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  • “You want to change the world, Shallan. That’s well and good. But be careful. The world predates you. She has seniority.”

  • “I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless. It goes on forever, inwardly - you understand? The fact the you’re alive is amazing. So you don’t get to be bored.” - LOUIS C.K.