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2022 November

  • Final PopQuiz for the year!

    Rounds were:

    1. Live Action TV - 6pts
    2. Movies - 7pts x 0 for failed ace
    3. Naruto - 8pts x2 for powerup
    4. Animated TV - 3pts
    5. Video and Board Games - 4pts
    6. Fictional Bands (audio round) - 7pts (out of 20)

    The Naruto round was chosen by us as a benefit of placing third last month. We had originally submitted House of the Dragon as the topic, but we later found out our HotD person wouldn't be available, so we switched it out.

    Despite the poor performance and disastrous ace usage, we still managed to finish in 3rd place. The quiz was very difficult overall, so I guess most of the other teams had trouble too.

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2022 October

  • We skipped a couple of months of PopQuiz, but we're back!

    Rounds were:

    1. Drag Performers - 5pts
    2. Concerts and Festival - 7pts
    3. BTS - 20pts with Ace (good job Army teammates!)
    4. Live Theater - 3pts
    5. Fictional Competitions - 6pts
    6. Video Games (audio round) - 8pts with powerup

    We saved our powerup for the video games round because we didn't know it was an audio round which was much tougher.

    The (very blurry because I was in a rush) board picture below implies we tied for 1st with 49pts, but actually after the tiebreaker (WHICH WAS ALSO TIED), the 3rd place team successfully contested their score and got bumped up to 50pts, so we actually finished tied for 2nd/3rd instead.

    I missed an FF7 question in the audio round because I didn't believe it came out in 1997 (which is annoying because I had this exact same convo with another friend group in 2020!). We would have won if I got that, since it was a powered up round!

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2022 September

2022 July

2022 June

  • Quiz night!

    First face to face quiz night since the pandemic began!

    Rounds were:

    1. Two films one plot - films with the same plot
    2. Book to Film Adaptations
    3. Iconic Scenes / Scripts
    4. Cannes Spotlight
    5. Movie Posters - spot the poster edit
    6. Movie Soundtracks

    We were doing well, but we hit the failed ace in round 5. If we had gotten it we would have won the whole thing. Still managed to tie for 3rd and win the tiebreaker though!

    It was a fun session, we had some good pulls, and it was nice to have an in-person quiz night again.

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2018 August

  • I found a couple of old quiz night handouts from when we used to go to the now-defunct Murphy’s bar in Makati, I thought some people might like them so I scanned them before throwing them out

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