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2021 November

  • Some notes on posting to Mastodon via their HTTP API using Python. The backend of this site uses similar code to enable automated syndication to my Mastodon account. Creating an access token Go to your mastodon preferences (it's the gear icon above the search bar in the web interface) and click Development. (Or go to [yourservername]/settings/applications) Click "New Application". Specify application name. Default permissions should be fine. Save. Click your application name in the grid on the Development page. Your access token will be in the top part of the screen. Posting a status (or as they call it, a

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2020 January

  • Flask vs Django

2019 August

  • Python: Markov Chains

    Back when I was still learning Python in 2008, one of the first "fun" scripts I wrote was a text generator using Markov chains. I'd run it against all the chat logs I had with people at work and serve the results from a webserver on my computer. THe results were often amusing and sometimes hilarious. Since I've been going through my old scripts lately, I thought I'd update that script to Python 3 (read: add parentheses around print params and use pathlib) and run it against all the posts on this here site. I added the script to my

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  • Devnotes: Python Pathlib

    Ever since I started learning Python back in 2008ish, I've been using it as my primary scripting language for various tasks such as processing log files, organizing my own file system, processing stuff on this blog, and so on. A lot of it is basically moving files around. In the days of Python 2, that involved a lot of imports of different libraries like os, shutil and glob. It can become a bit messy with so many imports, and I often can't remember which import I need for a particular case and end up having to search for the documentation

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2019 February

2018 October

  • Django Blog Application

    Ten years ago this month, I started studying Django by trying to build my own blog application. I found the code lying around while I was going through some backups lately. It's way out of date, it uses an early version of django. I thought of bringing it up to speed, but that didn't seem practical. Instead, for archival purposes, I cleaned it up a bit and uploaded the code to a github repo. (Helpful github immediately warned me that having a very old version of Django was a security risk lol). There's a lot more information in the

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2017 March

2017 February

2017 January

  • So the other day I was reworking a Python script that I had been using for years on my home PC to manage and categorize some downloaded files for me. This time I wanted to add some smarter behavior to make it more able to figure out when to group files into folders without constantly needing manual intervention from me. To do this, I needed to persist some data between runs -- so that the script remembers how it categorized previous files and is able to group similar files together. Now since my software development career has largely been as

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