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2014 March

  • It is 10 days before a feast. There are 1,000 barrels of wine for the feast. One of the barrels is poisoned and whoever drinks from it will die after 7 days. You only have ten wine-tasters. How do you determine which barrel is poisoned before the feast begins?

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  • A Numbers Puzzle

    Some people I know enjoy puzzles. (So do I.) Here's a neat one: 85 37 655321 64389000 466 64 24601 101 980 95 057 42799 6 The only hint provided is: It's not something you'll figure out by just thinking about it, but with some creative Googling you can get it. Via J-Walk (Warning: the link will show you the answer!) Edit 2017: The link above is dead, so I've recovered the answer from the Wayback Machine, for my own sanity. They're all prisoners! 1) 85 -- Al Capone 2) 37 -- Paul Newman's character in Cool Hand Luke 3)

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