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Dec 2018

  • No puns left unsaid

    It’s December the 1st, there’s this image I often share on this day: It’s a really stupid pun that I won’t explain (but it maybe only works in a Filipino accent.) I love puns! The best puns are so terrible and so great at the same time. Puns are like a tiny puzzle that your brain has to solve and when you do solve them, your brain has that tiny flash of “A-ha!

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Nov 2016

  • After watching the latest fantasy movie, two Filipinas were discussing how there were so many online political groups full of trolls and people who easily spread misinformation and rejected anything that didn’t reinforce their own points of view. A third Filipina came up and asked them what they were talking about. “Fanatics, bes, and where to find them” #sorrynotsorry

Oct 2016

Dec 2014