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It’s 1:30 in the morning, and I plan on being at work by 8AM, so I’ll just throw out a quick book review before I buzz off to meet the sandman. Neil Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon is the only book I managed to finish out of the three I took with me to Bicol. And I actually started reading it about a month and a half earlier. In a word, the book is¬†wordy.

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Never Outshine the Master Never Put Too Much Trust in Friends, Learn How to Use Enemies Conceal Your Intentions Always Say Less Than Necessary So Much Depends On Reputation — Guard It With Your Life Court Attention At All Costs Get Others To Do The Work For You, But Always Take The Credit Make Other People Come To You — Use Bait If Necessary

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I suppose everyone and their mother has had a chance to voice their opinions on Spiderman 2 by now, so here’s mine: Some parts are hokey, some parts are cheesy, some parts are gratuitous Hollywood crap, it has quite a few inconsistencies and plot holes but overall, it’s a hell of a ride, and I found it considerably more ‘fun’ than the first one. That being said, I’m not entirely excited about the Goblin making an obvious comeback in Spiderman 3, but the only other Spidey nemesis worthy of being in a movie would be Venom… and bringing alien symbiotes in the equation would completely change the feel of the movies.

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Good plot twists you could see¬†from a mile away. Unfortunately, we had arrived at the theater too late to catch¬†the start of the last showing of Gangs of New York, so¬†we had to settle with the second choice. _The Recruit¬†_didn’t get as much critical acclaim as Gangs, but what¬†the heck, Al Pacino in a spy thriller? How could I lose? The story is simple enough. Colin Farell plays James Clayton,¬†a young man just out of MIT, recruited by CIA agent William Burke¬†(Pacino).

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The Bourne Identity A new action hero is¬†Bourne I was a bit anxious to see this movie, as I had thoroughly¬†enjoyed the book of the same name a long time ago, and I was¬†hoping the movie would give me the same satisfaction. The Bourne¬†Identity stars Matt Damon as rogue CIA agent/amnesiac Jason¬†Bourne. In his quest to uncover his own identity, Jason travels¬†all around Europe pursued by the CIA’s agents and dragging along¬†an innocent gypsy girl who just happened to be his best shot for¬†a ride to Paris.

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For some reason, I keep wanting to update this site. I’m actually doing this more often than studying for the board, studying game development, studying Japanese or writing anything else. I wonder why? Anyway, I added a humor page and a special “Who Am I?” page. Check ‘em out. Also the Anime ROMs site should be fully operational by now. So I went and saw Lord of the Rings last Friday.

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