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Sep 2010

Aug 2010

If you use a hidden frame, the content won’t be displayed (hence “hidden”), I think you just mean to use an iframe. But this doesn’t fit your description of “without refreshing”, since you have to refresh the frame.

When loading the PHP file inside the frame, your PHP file just needs to generate HTML the same way you would generate a normal page. It’s the same whether the PHP file is loaded inside a frame or not.

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Jun 2010

Dec 2008

$pee = preg_replace( '|<p>|', "$1<p>", $pee );

This regular expression is from the Wordpress source code (formatting.php, wpautop function); I’m not sure what it does, can anyone help?

Actually I’m trying to port this function to Python…if anyone knows of an existing port already, that would be much better as I’m really bad with regex.

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