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2022 May

2022 April

  • Last-two-weeks-before-elections thoughts: It's a mistake to look at the large rally attendance numbers or all the #LeniKiko support in our feeds and conclude something like "The surveys must be wrong" or "We are winning"! #philippines #politics

    Celebrate the wins, sure, but don't let it spread to overconfidence. Just because the Marcos supporters are less enthusiastic or visible doesn't mean they don't have the numbers. There is still a lot of fight to be fought.

    More than the rally attendance numbers (which is driven mostly by people already committed to the cause), the house-to-house and person-to-person campaigning are more impactful, to reach out to the undecideds and to the people on other sides.

    And this is something the Marcos side cannot match because it's really hard to defend that choice in person.

    I accompanied my mom to the drugstore earlier and she wished she had brought some merch to hand out because all the pharmacists were supporters; I told her it was more important to give out merch and campaign to people who were supporters-to-be.

    I remain cautiously optimistic. I still find myself depressed whenever I hear about Marcos supporter nonsense (see a previous tweet). But the energy of the movement brings hope.

    (Also the precinct finder tells me that "There is another voter with the same full name as yours in the city/municipality where you are registered." Been trying to contact Comelec, hopefully it can be resolved soon.)

    Goes back into my cave

2022 March

  • For a few weeks now, the nearby Santuario which I regularly walk by has had a series of signs/banners/tarps promoting the candidacy of #LeniKiko2022

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