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  • Posted on r/OnePiece: I was organizing some old photos and found some from an Apr 2017 visit to the One Piece exhibit at Tokyo Tower. I'm not the best at photography, but I thought you guys might want a look

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  • If you're not familiar with the series, One Piece is an anime about pirates, the same way Naruto is about ninjas. Like Naruto, they don't live in a world very different from our own. The One Piece universe is a lot more insane than Naruto's though. I've only watched less than a hundred episodes, but so far the Straw Hat Pirates have encountered giant sea cows, talking reindeer, a guy who can eat anything, a man-shark... too many to mention. Side note: It's really difficult to multitask when watching anime. I can watch episodes of 24 or Smallville while working

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