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2017 December

  • I have a query using MarkLogic node.js that basically boils down to something like this:

    .on('data', function(row) {
        console.log("Stream on data");
    .on('end', function() {
        console.log("Stream on end");
    .on('error', function(error) {

    Now, for a certain collection we have in our database, the 'end' function doesn't fire, i.e. I never see "Stream on end" appear in the log. There's no error or anything, processing just stops. It's only for this particular collection, other collections seem fine.

    If I query documents in that collection directly using other methods such as qb.value() without using qb.collection(), the end event fires correctly. But once I add qb.collection() into the mix (using qb.and), the end event doesn't fire.

    I'm unsure how to debug this, as this is my first time trying to use streams in the nodejs client library. Any advice as to what I can check?


2017 October

  • I'm trying out the Roxy deployer. The Roxy app was created using the default app-type. I setup a new ML 9 database, and I ran "ml local bootstrap" using the default ports (8040 and 8041)

    Then I setup a node application. I tried the following (sample code from

    var marklogic = require('marklogic');
    var conn = {
        host: '',  
        port: 8040,
        user: 'admin',
        password: 'admin',
        authType: 'DIGEST'
    var db = marklogic.createDatabaseClient(conn);
      {author: 'Beryl Markham'},
      {author: 'WG Sebald'}
    .result(function(response) {
        console.log(JSON.stringify(response, null, 2));
      }, function (error) {
        console.log(JSON.stringify(error, null, 2));

    Running the script gave me an error like:

    $ node test.js
      "message": "write document list: cannot process response with 500 status",
      "statusCode": 500,
      "body": "<error:error xsi:schemaLocation=\" error.xsd\" xmlns:error=\"\" xmlns:xsi=\"\">\n  <error:code>XDMP-IMPMODNS</error:code>\n  <error:name>err:XQST0059</error:name>\n  <error:xquery-version>1.0-ml</error:xquery-version>\n  <error:message>Import module namespace mismatch</error:message>\n  <error:format-string>XDMP-IMPMODNS: (err:XQST0059) Import module namespace does not match target namespace of imported module /MarkLogic/rest-api/endpoints/config.xqy</error:format-string>\n  <error:retryable>false</error:retryable>\n  <error:expr/>\n  <error:data>\n    <error:datum></error:datum>\n    <error:datum></error:datum>\n    <error:datum>/MarkLogic/rest-api/endpoints/config.xqy</error:datum>\n  </error:data>\n  <error:stack>\n    <error:frame>\n      <error:uri>/roxy/lib/rewriter-lib.xqy</error:uri>\n      <error:line>5</error:line>\n      <error:column>0</error:column>\n      <error:xquery-version>1.0-ml</error:xquery-version>\n    </error:frame>\n  </error:stack>\n</error:error>\n"

    If I change the port to 8000 (the default appserver that inserts into Documents), the node function executes correctly as expected. I'm not sure if I need to configure anything else with the Roxy-created appserver so that it works with the node.js application.

    I'm not sure where the "DELETE_IF_UNUSED" part in the error message is coming from either. There doesn't seem to be any such text in the configuration files generated by Roxy.

    Edit: When accessing via the browser, I get a an xml with a similar error:

    <error:error xsi:schemaLocation=" error.xsd" xmlns:error="" xmlns:xsi="">
      <error:message>Import module namespace mismatch</error:message>
      <error:format-string>XDMP-IMPMODNS: (err:XQST0059) Import module namespace does not match target namespace of imported module /MarkLogic/rest-api/endpoints/config.xqy</error:format-string>

    If it matters, MarkLogic version is 9.0-3.1. It's a fresh install too.

    Any advice?

2017 June

2016 December

  • I tried to insert the following test document:

            uri: "/test/doc1.json",
            contentType: "application/json",
            collections: "test",
            content: {
                name : "Peter",
                hobby: "Sleeping",
                other: "Some other info",
                "triple": {
                    "subject": {   
                        "datatype": "",  
                        "value": "Peter"   
                    "predicate": {     
                        "datatype": "",  
                        "value": "livesin"   
                    "object": {     
                        "datatype": "",  
                        "value": "Paris"   
        console.log("Done loading");

    Then I queried as follows:

    var query = [
      'SELECT ?s ?p ?o' ,
      'WHERE { ?s ?p ?o }' ,
    db.graphs.sparql('application/sparql-results+json', query.join('\n')
    ).result(function (result) {
      console.log(JSON.stringify(result, null, 2));
    }, function(error) {
      console.log(JSON.stringify(error, null, 2));

    The results showed me the values of the triple, but what if I also want to get the entire document where the triple was embedded? Is it also possible to filter by other fields in the document?

2016 November