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2017 November

  • @switchfollows meron ka bang Monastery Mentor? I only have 2 and I kinda wanna build that 2nd deck

    Quoted JeffHoogland's tweet:

    Some interesting #modern decks in the results of the last #MTGO PTQ #mtg


2016 February

  • Why can't my drafts be like this IRL? #MTGO #OGW

  • Why the hell is Abzan Company in the #MTGO PT Gauntlet? How am I supposed to combo off online lol

    [10:02] 2-1 in first #MTGO PT gauntlet. Played Abzan; beat UR Eldrazi, Mardu; lost to Blue Moon. This is a great way to learn Modern decks

    [11:52] 2nd #MTGO PT gauntlet, playing Affinity: WIN vs UR Eldrazi, LOSS vs mirror, WIN vs Through the Breach

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2012 December

  • Guy complains about being manascrewed twice in a row when he has like six lands to my three in play. #mtgo

    [09:16] "yeah, but you're still casting" Maybe it's because I have a smaller curve and only two colors? Jeez #mtgo

    [09:24] When your opening hand is 2 forests, a green card and 3 white cards and you think "surely I'll draw a plains!", that's not mana screw #mtgo

2012 April

  • Okay, so I decided to try out the MTGO cube

    Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing. The first pack I opened had 3 mythics~ Holy crap that Taiga looks nice

    I had to cut a titan from my deck. This feels so ridiculous lol

    Felt great keeping a one-lander, turn one Ancestral Visions, then going on to win the game

    I'm glad I only have to fight annoying deck with top once per #mtgocube


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