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2023 May

  • I'm not streaming March of the Machine drafts anymore, but I did do some drafting online this past week, in prep for potentially playing in this weekend's Arena Open. (Spoiler: I did not end up playing the open.)

    First up, I actually tried drafting on MTGO! It has been a long while - in fact I have no idea when I last played a game on MTGO, though I do login to check the account occasionally.

    When I checked my account, I saw that I actually had enough play points to enter a draft league, which I had never done before so I gave it a try. I think I put together a decent deck; I drafted Glissa for the first time! It's such a bomb, but never got a chance during the games and I only managed a 1-2.

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    Next up, I tried doing a traditional (BO3) draft on Magic Arena, once I had the 10k gold needed for entry. This actually went much better, and the deck felt a lot more solid all-around. A decent amount of fliers and removal and Anafenza was kinda nice.

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    I didn't trophy, only going 2-1, but the loss was super close and decided in game 3.

    Both of the above runs were best-of-3 of course, instead of my usual BO1 drafting. Playing in BO3 again after a long while is interesting, and probably better in a bomb-heavy format like MOM, since it gives me some space to compensate for the opponent's bombs and you get to spend more time with each deck. Am considering making this my default for drafts moving forward. The only downside is that each draft takes a bit longer.

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2013 December

  • TFW you're passed Ancestral Recall #holidaycube

    "Are you kidding me that was 4 rips in a row" - opp after I won even when I got hit by Mindtwist for 4 and we were topdeck mode #holidaycube

    Was severely outclassed too...he tinkered into Steel Wind all 3 games while I was hitting with Diregraf Ghouls and some goblins

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  • Guy complains about being manascrewed twice in a row when he has like six lands to my three in play. #mtgo

    "yeah, but you're still casting" Maybe it's because I have a smaller curve and only two colors? Jeez #mtgo

    When your opening hand is 2 forests, a green card and 3 white cards and you think "surely I'll draw a plains!", that's not mana screw #mtgo

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  • Okay, so I decided to try out the MTGO cube

    Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing. The first pack I opened had 3 mythics~ Holy crap that Taiga looks nice

    I had to cut a titan from my deck. This feels so ridiculous lol

    Felt great keeping a one-lander, turn one Ancestral Visions, then going on to win the game

    I'm glad I only have to fight annoying deck with top once per #mtgocube

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