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2021 November

  • Got my #mtgarenastats email for Midnight Hunt! I missed 3 weeks of play so I didn't even complete the mastery, but 94 boosters opened is pretty good considering I had 120+ opened for KHM and STX

    #magicarena #mtgmidnight

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    [16:26] (and I didn't get a stats email for AFR for some reason...)

    Also, this stats email didn't give me the "most drafted commons / uncommons" stat, is it because I didn't draft as much this time?

2021 October

2021 September

  • Streaming some Midnight Hunt limited episode 2! #mtg #magicarena #mtgmidnight #twitch

    [22:43] Got my first 7-win Midnight Hunt draft tonight! The other draft was a failed UR experiment.


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  • Streaming some Midnight Hunt limited episode 1! #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgmidnight

    [23:52] Did three drafts today, and the only reason I would do that would be if the first two were terrible! Finally got out of RB for the last one and redeemed myself a bit!


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  • Innistrad Midnight Hunt is out on #MagicArena! Before getting into some drafts, I decided to do a sealed first to get a feel of how the new mechanics play. This is the pile I decided to play with, unfortunately I only went 3-3, boo! Will do drafts next week! #MTGMidnight

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2021 August