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2022 February

  • New #MagicArena stats email dropped!

    Sadly it looks like they have really discontinued the most drafted commons/uncommons bit from the old versions.

    I played so much VOW @_@ 789 games and 177 boosters is a record!

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    Looks like around 100k gold per season is typical, which makes those events that cost 25k gold entry seem so much more ridiculous.

    This is the first of these where my favorite format isn't traditional constructed. I really should compile my draft stats sometime.


2021 November

  • Got my #mtgarenastats email for Midnight Hunt! I missed 3 weeks of play so I didn't even complete the mastery, but 94 boosters opened is pretty good considering I had 120+ opened for KHM and STX

    #magicarena #mtgmidnight

    (Click photos to view full-size)


    [16:26] (and I didn't get a stats email for AFR for some reason...)

    Also, this stats email didn't give me the "most drafted commons / uncommons" stat, is it because I didn't draft as much this time?

2021 July

2021 April

  • I got my #MagicArena stats for #mtgkhm! Pretty sure I was picking Priest of the Haunted Edge too highly. Also for some reason the last time I got one of these emails was for Theros Beyond Death one year ago. #MTGArenaStats

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2019 September

  • My #mtg arena beta stats email finally came in. 437 packs opened isn’t too bad for a f2p account, considering I was able to build a few top tier standard decks and even hit mythic once.

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