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I opened a Snapcaster in my pool earlier today on MTGO and sold it for 20tix; people are now buying at 16tix, 20% drop in a few hours

White cards were so sweet in our draft and coming late, all I had to do was not come up against the other white deck in round 1. I failed =/

I’m giving away a fistful of crap commons to my mom’s friend’s kid. Hope I’m not inadvertently spoiling someone else’s first mtg experience

I really wish I could find a local tournament venue that didn’t offer hot, cramped playing areas and better chairs though :/

Back from the Brink: If you exile a DFC creature, the token will be a copy of the front face and it won’t be able to transform. - why not?

For the price of an MTGO draft, I could have Duels 2012 + expansion on Steam. Both offer limited card sets, but one provides unlimited play.

I treat Magic like I treat SC2 and SF4 these days: watching people play and reading discussions, too lazy to actually play =/

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