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At least in Standard, we know ahead of time when cards rotate out. Modern is like gambling every time there’s a B&R update #MTG

Sorting #mtg cards, still at letter C. @aleksfelipe @switchfollows should we keep all these lol
Sorting #mtg cards, still at letter C. @aleksfelipe @switchfollows should we keep all these lol

Why is the game “Magic 2014” now and no longer “Duels of the Planeswalkers”? Makes it easier to confuse with M14 #mtg

4,500 players in Grand Prix Las Vegas this weekend, that’s a helluva large tournament. And they already capped it too! #mtg

Sometimes you just ignore all the signals and just put together a ridiculous pile of cards that you hope will win through sheer force. #mtg

I 3-0’d today’s draft hooray. I actually had a chance to get a 2nd Collective Blessing but I was like, “That’s overkill!” #mtg

Even worse I was down a game & he had 5 mins left on the clock. Killing the rat left him no way to win, but no i wanted to be aggro #mtg

I had the chance to golgari charm the turn 2 pack rats and I was like “he’s not going to activate it until my next untap right?” WRONG #mtg

I’m abandoning this account, since I don’t tweet much MTG-related anymore. I’m still following y’all via a twitter list. Cheers :D

I’m a bit disappointed that it was the deck relying on 12 mythics (new ones at that) that won the pro tour. Higher prices for everyone!

Most interesting play today: blocked a Strangleroot Geist with a Puppeteer Clique. Still knew enough rules to predict I’d end up with both!

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