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2016 March

  • Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Spoiler-Free Review:

    • (Edit) OK lang panoorin, wag lang magexpect na super ganda ang story. Entertaining naman mga fight scenes :p
    • not a fan of Affleck's Batman. Too gun-friendly, and he doesn't really show a Bruce Wayne persona. He's dark and brooding and grim in and out of the suit
    • Jeremy Irons as Alfred was ok, but he looks like Tony Stark
    • Eisenberg's Luthor is not the same as any of the previous Luthors. He's a manic genius, closer perhaps to the Riddler
    • a number of plot details don't really make any sense. Need to suspend disbelief quite a bit
    • Snyder is too in love with his slow-motion scenes trying to make everything dramatic
    • there are a number of sequences that don't mesh well together, like Snyder is randomly jumping between scenes that don't cohere
    • in fact, there are particular scenes that feel like "WTH is this scene for, Snyder is just indulging himself now"
    • it's like Superman needs to realise that Lois Lane is more trouble than she's worth
    • yay cameos of future JLers
    • the actual BvS showdown looked great, and went pretty much the way you'd expect
    • Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman was great
    • I liked the final battle sequence
    • many, many things pointing towards the eventual JL movie
    • IMAX? Probably not worth it. Not too much 3d stuff
    • Post-credits scene: NO. Or so the internet tells me, we didn't bother to wait
    • I can see why the reviewers kind of ripped the movie apart. They definitely need to work more on tightening up the movies, but overall this was better than Man of Steel I think.

2016 February

  • Here we go, DEADPOOL spoiler-free review:

    • definitely not for kids; violence, sex, nudity, you name it
    • as you'd expect of a Deadpool movie, lots of jokes, one-liners and fourth wall-breaking. It's a barrel of laughs
    • the plot is mostly straightforward
    • some really nice shots and set pieces
    • lots of references and fan service
    • great supporting cast; hope to see them again in the sequel
    • Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead were great
    • I kind of want to read more Deadpool comics now
    • This movie is better than: Ant-Man (sorry Scott!)
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: NO
    • Post-credit scene: YES

2015 December

  • As is tradition, my spoiler-free review of The Force Awakens:

    • rewatching the original trilogy immediately before this one was well worth it
    • wow a lot of beautiful shots and landscapes, from beginning to end
    • the heart of the true Star Wars fan will skip a beat every time the background music comes up
    • it feels like coming home. A lot of familiar elements, interspersed with the new. A nice way to transition into a new trilogy
    • I often wonder what it must have felt like to watch the original Star Wars: A New Hope in the theaters back then. This is how I imagined it to be
    • Try not to think about the fact that Episode VIII won't come until 2017 :D
    • quite possibly the best movie of 2015
    • on the ride home I was like: Ten ten tenetenenten tenetenenten tentenenten ... (okay, maybe I was like that before the movie too)
    • ...
    • ...yeah, it was ok :D

2015 October

  • Things software development projects can learn from "The Martian" (maybe spoilers lol):

    • If you rush things, you might leave something behind that will cost you a lot more later
    • You need to have buffer in your schedule for the inevitable disasters
    • If you have impossible deadlines, limited resources, overworked staff, and decide to skip testing to meet deadlines, don't expect things to go smoothly
    • If your stuff doesn't work, see if there's some Chinese alternative. Or look for some sort of coffee-powered genius to come up with a miracle solution
    • If you make a unpopular decision, your staff might go off on their own and risk their lives trying to complete the mission
    • Problems will occur at almost every step, be prepared to make stuff up as you go along
    • Solve one problem at a time until you get to go home

2015 August

2015 July

  • Ant Man spoiler-free review: The first half felt a bit off, with some exposition coming off as forced and the pacing a bit awkward. Things picked up later on and while the plot was not entirely unpredictable there were a number of fun and surprising tangents. Overall a fun and entertaining movie with enough stuff for comic book Marvel fans to enjoy, probably close in quality to the first Iron Man movie, if not better

2015 June

2015 May

2015 February

2014 November

  • Big Hero 6 spoiler-free review: Fun, light-hearted feel-good romp. Lots of good physical comedy with Baymax. Predictable plot (hey, it's a kid's movie, k?). There is a post-credits scene for some reason.

  • Interstellar spoiler-free review: Entertaining movie if you have a good suspension of disbelief and accept the science at face value. Some of the science and timelines are questionable (or maybe I missed some details possibly because I was talking Doctor Who with someone at the same time - some things might clear up on rewatch). Most of the black hole and relativity stuff was well-executed though. The twist at the end I could pretty much spot coming a mile away. CASE and TARS are very entertaining; I wouldn't recommend the movie to my mother, for pretty much the same reasons I wouldn't recommend Inception. Interstellar might be harder to grasp than Inception overall. Explores themes of relativity and human loneliness. Some surprise actors appeared! Very much a Nolan movie

  • Just saw Age of Extinction. As an 80s Transformers fan, it's very disconcerting whenever Optimus Prime says something like "I'll kill you!"

    Missed opportunity to call it Trans4mers

2014 August

  • Guardians was a very funny and fun movie, but it's hard to say best Marvel movie so far, since I really liked Winter Soldier. And as a comic fan, I'm not that fond of how the Nova Corps was portrayed; I guess it's understandable since they're not the heroes here. There's a lot of stuff for comic fans to enjoy though

2014 July

2014 June

2014 May

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review!

    Well, I haven't written anything in a while, so I figured I'd write some words on the new Spider-Man movie. Spoilers abound! Action-packed! The web-swinging is fun and looks and feels just like Spidey from the comic books. Spider-man moves and fights and banters pretty faithfully to the comic book version of our favorite wall-crawler, so that's a definite plus. Peter's Spider-sense is portrayed as a slow-motion bullet-time kind of deal which allows him to react quickly and save all the people while dodging everything. It doesn't really translate exactly to the comic-book Spider-sense, but I suppose it's better than

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  • Now watching: Olympus Has Fallen

  • Amazing Spider-Man 2: Fun movie, but there were a number of nitpicky bits and the storytelling wasn't too tight - some of the scenes seemed unnecessary