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Dec 2019

  • Watching Lately: December 2019

    Been watching a lot of things this December. I finally got back on The Expanse after finishing S1 more than a year ago. I only finished S2, but it was already a vast improvement over S1. S1 felt like a lot of meandering around until the characters actually ran into the plot. S2 was stronger, faster-paced, and there’s always a lot of things going on in each episode. I really like this series now, looking forward to S3 and S4 when I have the time.

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  • RISE OF SKYWALKER Spoiler-free review:

    • the movie is fine and entertaining to watch
    • It’s a Star Wars movie, so you pretty much know what to expect, space wizards and space battles and such
    • pacing is frantic in the first act, and a bit in the second. Abrams has a lot of things he wants to do and limited time to do it, so things happen in rapid succession
    • the third act is basically an ode to Return of the Jedi, as a parallel to The Force Awakens’ ode to A New Hope. In fact, there is a lot of fanservice for original trilogy fans sprinkled throughout the movie.
    • it is not the best ending I could have imagined for the sequel trilogy, but it is an ending
    • there are a few twists and turns in the movie, but because it’s Star Wars, you largely know what to expect from the overall plot
    • magugustuhan ba ni Mama: The movie is generally family-friendly (outside of the violence), but my mom doesn’t like space battles and she would probably be confused by the rapid pace of events and all these characters she’s not familiar with, so no.
    • I watched in IMAX 3D, but I don’t think there was much noticeable 3D, the movie is probably perfectly fine without IMAX
    • there is no post-credits scene
    • I think I liked The Last Jedi more than this one

    I have a bit more spoilery comments posted here.

Nov 2019

Oct 2019

  • JOKER spoiler-free review:

    • very dark movie, not like any previous superhero movies at all; don’t bring your kids
    • it is violent and potentially disturbing, but strangely not as much as the hype made it out to be
    • Joaquin Phoenix definitely gives a pretty good performance, but IDK about the supposed “Oscar-worthy” hype
    • some of the shots feels like the director definitely had a lot of fun bringing this story to life
    • I would have liked less connection to the Batman mythos so that this movie is more stand-alone. I mean, it is pretty much stand-alone, but it does remind you where it’s set and direct connections to the Mythos exist
    • I think a lot of the story and plot elements are handled well, any concerns I have would largely be nitpicking
    • No post credits scene
    • i didnt watch in imax and don’t think it would be relevant
    • magugustuhan ba ni mama: sure NO
    • Ultimately, I still prefer that Joker’s origin story remain undetermined, as it makes him more akin to a natural force of chaos, but I accept this movie as a version that even canon Joker could have told and that might have been believable
    • it’s definitely a better movie overall than Suicide Squad, Man of Steel or Dawn of Justice or Justice League, but it’s also a different completely type of movie, so the comparison is difficult
    • I still like Ledger’s Joker the best, the character is best opposite Batman

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Jul 2019

  • Watching Lately: June and July 2019

    I was travelling for most of the past two months, so this covers both June and July, and I guess I haven’t been able to watch too much. Maybe? IDK, we’ll see. Since I was in the US, I took the opportunity to finish watching Voltron: Legendary Defender which only had two seasons available on PH Netflix. Pretty good adaptation, lots of fun callbacks to the old series. Some annoying filler eps, especially in the middle seasons onwards.

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  • I know I already made a whole post about the MCU after Endgame came out, but after the MCU Phase 4 announcements this past weekend at SDCC I was a bit hyped. I thought it would be fun to look back at the past 10 years of MCU Phase 1-3 and see what I wrote about the movies. Iron Man (2008) Surprisingly, I had written nothing about watching this film at all, and I don’t remember going to the cinema to watch it.

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  • Spider-Man Far From Home

    First, the spoiler-free review, then more spoilery stuff afterwards. I watched Far From Home while I was… far from home. great movie, lots of fun, and the stakes are a lot higher than the Vulture just stealing some tech off Tony Stark basically a story of Peter Parker the high school student trying to juggle his Spider-Man problems with his high school life, which was one of the best eras of comic book Spider-Man the movie gives us a look at what the world looks like post-Endgame and how weird it is for everyone if you’ve seen the trailers, you know who the “villain” is and you have certain expectations coming in.

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May 2019

Apr 2019

  • Watching Lately: April 2019

    I’ve already written extensively about Avengers Endgame, but there are other things I watched this month too. Shazam came out early this month, and while it was unfortunately sandwiched between MCU blockbusters, it was a fun adventure romp and surprised me in a few ways. I wrote a short spoiler-free review over on Tumblr. TV-wise, I’ve been on a rewatch binge of 30 Rock that unfortunately started with season 4 due to Amazon Prime’s weird way of presenting things.

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  • I already wrote about Avengers Endgame a bit in yesterday’s post, but that was a bit rushed and I had more thoughts, so here we are. I figured I might as well get everything out. There will be unmarked spoilers for Avengers Endgame and Agents of SHIELD. Before even going into the movie that was seemingly sold out everywhere despite being on almost every cinema screen in the Metro, I was thinking to myself what a phenomenon.

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  • We're in the Endgames now

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  • Shazam! spoiler-free review!

    I liked this movie, it had good heart, fun kid-friendly humor, and a strong message about family basically the story of a kid with a messed up life being stupid and trying to be better john glover is here! does he now hold the record for portraying the most number of parents of bald supervillains? that’s not a spoiler right? this movie is kid-friendly, aside from the violence and the occasional swear word there is a mid credits scene and the post credits scene.

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Mar 2019

Feb 2019

  • Watching Lately: February 2019

    Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow: I watched Alita: Battle Angel, with the friend who introduced me to the series in the first place. The movie looked fantastic and the fight scenes were great. Plot was supercondensed, several books’ worth of story combined into one. Ended in a weird place, kinda? Easily the best western live action anime adaptation by far. On 7 Feb 2019 at 2:06pm I wrote: Watched Alita: Battle Angel earlier today.

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  • Watched Alita: Battle Angel earlier today. Pretty good. Fast pace, excellent visuals and fight scenes. They tried to cram a lot of the source material into a two hour movie. I felt like they ended in a weird spot, obviously expecting to be able to do a follow up

    After watching I immediately passed by a friend’s house to borrow these. Must be more than a decade since I last read them

Jan 2019

  • Watching Lately: January 2019

    Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow: Bumblebee only came out over here in January (thanks to the usual MMFF shenanigans), and I decided to watch it on a whim. Pretty decent soft reboot, read my spoiler-free review over on the Tumblr The first half of Young Justice Outsiders is out, and it’s pretty good. Focus is back on a smaller group after the larger team in YJ season 2.

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  • Trailers and Spoilers

    The first trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home dropped last week. I used to pretty hyped for superhero movie trailers, but I haven’t bother watching this one yet. MCU still has two more movies coming out before this one, and I’m already hyped enough for those, I don’t think I have hype to spare for a third one. My brother was complaining to me about the trailer, saying he was spoiled about some elements.

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  • BUMBLEBEE Spoiler-Free review!

    - attached image summarizes the plot. loljk (credit: Transformers (1985 - Marvel) #2)
    - I’m a big Transformers fan, more G1 than Bayverse (I didn’t even watch the last Michael Bay one). If you are like me, you will probably enjoy the film
    - if you grew up in the 80s like me, you will enjoy the film a bit more. Props to the 80s soundtrack
    - the plot is simple, straightforward and unambitious, unencumbered by any of Bayverse Megatron’s super-complicated plans that he has been plotting for million of years in case he gets stranded on earth
    - not having a plethora of autobot and decepticon characters to develop on each side means the transformers are more distinctive and easier to identify, a big problem I had with the later bayverse films
    - i didnt understand some scenes where it looked like the characters were talking to some kind of human soldier but I can’t see him?
    - foolish humans!
    - there is a “mid-credits” scene; I say “mid-credits” because they really only show the director credit before immediately going into the “mid-credits” scene
    - magugustuhan ba ni mama: no, she’s not into giant robots. the movie is family-friendly, other than the violent explosions
    - after the movie, I went to the CR to pee, and I overheard two kids talking: “Ano pangalan nung autobot na pula? Christopher?” “Cliffjumper!”

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Dec 2018

  • Watching Lately: December 2018

    Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow: I very much enjoyed Elseworlds, the Arrowverse crossover this year. I mean sure, a lot of it didn’t make any sense, but it was like a love letter to DC fans. I actually consider myself more of a Marvel fan than DC, but I still loved it! I wrote a spoiler-free review over on the Tumblr.

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  • Into the Spider-Verse spoiler-free review

    - this is a great animated comic book movie, it makes me happy
    - I may have been a bit overhyped by the early reviews, but it was very entertaining, funny and had brilliant presentation, melding the medium of movies with comic books in a way that has never been seen before
    - again, the presentation is fantastic, the animation is great and intentional and the funky alternate universe stuff is represented well
    - IDK if I would call it the best comic book movie of all time, or even the best Spider-Man movie of all time, but definitely one of the best animated movies of all time, for a comic book fan (highly specific lol)
    - in fact, much respect to the writers who dared to bring this story to life. imagine the challenge of pitching a story idea to Sony about not just one new Spider-man, but several alternate universe versions of them. It’s not exactly comparable to a Disney movie plot after all, but they pulled it off
    - between this movie and the PS4 game, I’m happy that Miles is making further inroads into the cultural zeitgeist
    - Miles appearance here reminds me of Hey Arnold’s black friend lol
    - maybe I would have appreciated the movie a bit more if I was into hip-hop or such
    - comic book fans will be happy to know that this movie does not follow the actual Spider-Verse comic book arc along with its convoluted background of the inheritors. The plot and the opposition are much more straightforward
    - Will Mama like it? Well …like all animated movies, with enough viewings at home by my nieces/nephews, maybe.
    - This movie has the best post-credits scene of all time

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  • Aquaman Spoiler-Free review!

    • I came in with low expectations (given DC’s history), but the movie turned out pretty good, even though it wasn’t the best comic book related thing I’ve seen this week (see previous post)
    • it’s fun and action-packed, some fun set pieces and action sequences. Lots of CGI (as can be expected)
    • the plot is fairly predictable, I’ve seen similar story arcs for this character more than once, things pretty much happen as you expect
    • also the plot kinda feels a bit like black panther, except in reverse? does that make sense?
    • the first act felt a bit longish, but not really draggy or anything, it’s just that there’s a lot of set up to be done
    • the director’s horror movie background shines through a bit in one of the sequences around the second act
    • I had the urge to pee about 1 hour in, but I had to hold it in until the end of the movie, I didn’t want to miss stuff. So much water didn’t help!
    • Arthur’s dad looks like a Pinoy lol
    • I didn’t watch in IMAX3D, but I suspect there’s a lot of 3d given the volume of CGI
    • there is one mid-credits scene
    • I’d say it’s family-friendly even though there is quite a bit of bloodshed
    • magugustuhan ba ni Mama. Eh, maybe? Not really her type of movie, but maybe if I explain it a bit?

    Spider-verse this weekend!

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Nov 2018

  • Watching Lately: November 2018

    Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow: For some reason, I watched two biopics this month. The first one is Hidden Figures, about three black women who were instrumental during the early days of NASA leading up to the Friendship 7 mission piloted by John Glenn. The movie is fairly interesting if you are even remotely interested in either the challenges faced in black history or math and science or the early days of the space program competition between the USA and Russia.

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Oct 2018

  • Watching Lately: October 2018

    Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (on Amazon Prime) – surprisingly good, even if I’m not too familiar with the Jack Ryan stuff. I only know John Krasinski from The Office, Spoilers for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: (Spoilers) The story starts with Ryan tracking down Suleiman’s network via financials, but they never follow-up on who was financing his group I’m not sure what was the point of the whole drone pilot side story (including the weird trip to the casino and the night with the couple), although it was admittedly kind of entertaining Daredevil season 3 (on Netflix) – I enjoyed the season a lot.

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  • VENOM spoiler-free review:

    • I wasn’t sure if I would watch this, given the poor critical response, but it’s an ok movie overall, fun to watch but nothing to write home about (though I wouldnt spend extra for Imax). I would say comparable with Thor: Dark World or Iron Man 2
    • the first 15 mins or so felt draggy, but after that things happen quickly
    • overall plot slightly predictable, and not too long, very straightforward
    • a tiny bit of humor thrown in, not enough to make it feel like an MCU movie
    • not sure if there’s something with the sound editing or some of the actors weren’t delivering their lines properly, but I had trouble with understanding the lines in some scenes
    • the Venom symbiote seems to have some extra powers here (as compared to the comics)
    • Tom Hardy does a good job here, I feel like he was having fun during this movie
    • There is a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene
    • Would Mama like it? Hard no.
  • This started as one of those silly Facebook memes where you post one thing every day and didn’t have to explain and you tagged other people and they continued with the meme. I was very bad at following the meme instructions, but I did find the exercise interesting. I found it difficult to identify 10 specific movies, and since I didn’t explain during the FB posts, I thought I’d make a blog post about them instead.

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May 2018


    • entertaining enough; kind of a popcorn movie. i kinda liked the first movie better
    • if you watched the first movie, you kinda know what to expect in terms of tone and humor and all
    • dont bring your kids. but if it matters to you, there is significantly less sex in this movie than the first one
    • the plot did go in ways i was not expecting
    • i did not watch in imax, it seemed fine
    • there is a mid credits scene. well, scenes. like five of them strung together
    • there is no end credits scene but there is a… small bonus near the end if you pay attention
    • would i recommend na panoorin ni mama: definitely not
  • Spoiler Alert!

    When Game of Thrones entered its sixth season in 2016, it was true spoiler territory for those of us who had read the GRRM books before HBO’s TV adaptation turned the property into a worldwide phenomenon. Due to the author’s glacial writing pace, at this point the TV series went past the point that the novels had reached. Thus nobody – book readers or tv viewers – knew what events would unfold in the story.

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Apr 2018

  • Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Free Review:

    • I’m amazed that so little of this movie has been widely spoiled
    • movie was fantastic. the movie somehow managed to do everything it needed to do while not doing disservice to any of the bazillion characters involved.
    • the plot moves quickly. there is no good time to pee.
    • there is one post-credits scene.
    • very happy to have watched in imax

Mar 2018

Feb 2018

  • BLACK PANTHER spoiler-free review!

    • it’s a fun, action-filled romp and Wakanda is amazing
    • tchalla was ok, killmonger and nakia were great, shuri was badass
    • some of the actions scenes didnt seem too well-shot/edited, making them hard to follow
    • I realize I’m saying this about a universe where there are talking raccoons and magic hammers, but some of the Wakandan tech push the boundaries of my suspension of disbelief
    • my expectations were probably set a bit too high what with some people saying it’s the best MCU movie since Iron Man or calling it revolutionary or eye-opening
    • off the top of my head I’d say I consider Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok better than this one
    • I understand that it’s revolutionary in the sense that it’s a major hollowood motion picture filled with a cast of mostly african descent and that some of the characters are motivated by real world racial issues. But the plot itself was typical for an MCU first movie (maybe I’ve seen too many MCU movies? lol). I dont think it presents the issues it covers under any new or revolutionary context. I guess I kind of went in hoping to be impressed on the level of The Dark Knight or such, but I was disappointed in that regard. It’s a very straightforward movie
    • I didn’t watch in Imax, which I kind of regret, as I can imagine some of the scenes being pretty good
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Possibly, pero baka mahirapan sya intindihin accent ni Chadwick Boseman
    • There’s a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene

Dec 2017

  • THE LAST JEDI Spoiler-free (promise) review:

    • great movie, but there was this weird draggy part around the middle that they maybe could have done away with
    • my brother whom I watched with says he thinks it was the best Star Wars movie ever. I’m not sure
    • Adam Driver needs to either speak up or work around his accent a bit
    • because we didn’t plan this movie outing so well, we ended up with terrible seats (i.e. very first row, slightly off-center) in the Imax theater. I think the Imax was fine, but being so up close made for some weird angles sometimes and sometimes the 3d didn’t work so well from where we were seated. And medyo nakakapagod sa mata. Never again!
    • walang post-credit scene lol

Nov 2017

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE Spoiler-Free Review:

    • Movie was OKAY. Started out fine, build-up was good, kind of surprised with what happened in the middle, then a disappointing conclusion
    • Movie was SHORT. IMDB says 120 minutes but my watch told me it was < 2h. Probably could have spent more time putting the team together or setting up the characters or such
    • the movie does pander a lot to comic/DC fans; Batman/Superman themes play in the background when they first appear; References to some other DC characters during the exposition, etc
    • Ugh Steppenwolf so boring and terrible
    • I think Ezra Miller and Gal Gadot were the best here out of the lead roles.
    • A number of fight scenes reminded me of Injustice
    • the best part of this movie was the Black Panther trailer that I somehow hadn’t seen or heard of yet
    • for some reason the other comic book movie that came to mind was X-Men Apocalupse
    • Gary Oldman should play JJJ in the next Spider-Man so that he and JK Simmons will have effectively role-swapped
    • one mid credits scene for fun and one end credits scene as a portent of things that may come later
    • Imax was okay. There was one scene where I instinctively moved my head to avoid an incoming projectile
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: It’s very much a fantasy action movie so probably not.
    • we still get Batman with guns and Superman who threatens to kill
    • no title drop and no Superfriends reference = LAME

Oct 2017

  • THOR RAGNAROK spoiler-free review:

    • a fun, action-packed romp that shakes up the Thor status quo significantly
    • easily the best of the three Thor movies
    • a number plot points are fairly predictable, yet still fun
    • the Marvel formula is generally action mixed with witty banter here and there, and it’s what we get here, although some of the jokes feel like they’re stretched a bit too much
    • some great-looking cinematic scenes here and there. One particular flashback scene looked really great
    • I kind of like how the older franchises need to be some sort of team effort nowadays. Like Civil War, this felt a bit like some kind of mini-Avengers crossover – in space!
    • speaking of space, one of the positive things about this installment is that they didn’t feel the need to tie Thor’s adventures to Earth anymore (not that the movie is 100% Earth-free), and they get to go a bit wild with space and aliens and all that
    • I understand the need to highlight Hulk’s involvement as part of the film’s marketing, but man, it would have been so awesome to just find out right then and there
    • This movie had that Star Wars: Last Jedi trailer I was trying to avoid D:
    • 1 mid-credits scene and 1 post-credits scene
    • I think Imax was good for this movie. The 3d wasn’t too much and it definitely made some scenes pop. The film is a visual delight so I think the larger screen is important too
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Probably not. Maybe I should stop including this section kasi parang same na parati ang answer. Unless for some reason I decide to watch some Tagalog romcom

Jul 2017

  • Spider-man Homecoming Spoiler-free review:

    • This movie is amazing. Possibly best in all MCU so far. It’s fun, it’s exciting, unexpected things happened. Maybe not watching the trailers helped lol
    • Covers a lot of ground the previous Spider-man movies didn’t. Helped along by not needing to rehash the origin story for the Nth time
    • Lots of great call outs for the comic book fans
    • I was worried about the Vulture, but it was handled very well. Keaton is great here.
    • This movie is tightly coupled to the MCU yo. IDK how they’re going to handle it if Sony breaks it off after the two-movie deal. By they I mean Sony. Obviously MCU can just ignore him forever afterwards.
    • TBH I was also really worried about the MCU coupling and having too much Iron Man in the movie, but it turned out okay. Maybe could have had a little bit less Tony Stark.
    • IMAX? Probably not worth it.
    • there’s a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene.
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama? Possibly! There’s some shaky cam footage near the start that can be a bit nauseating though
  • Pisay (the movie)

    Last weekend I watched Aureus Solito’s movie Pisay at the UP film center with a couple of friends (both of whom were my Pisay batchmates of course). For the uninitiated Pisay is the nickname for our beloved _Philippine Science High School. _It’s a system of government-run schools with a special focus on science and math subjects. There’s a highly-competitive entrance exam and we’ve always been told that students who make it in are considered the “cream of the crop.

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Jun 2017

  • Wonder Woman spoiler-free review:

    • First act was best, second act was okay, third act/resolution a bit weak (and really kind of super obvious/predictable)
    • The parallels with the first Captain American movie, especially in the 3rd act, are uncanny
    • great battle/stunt choreography, especially in the first act
    • Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright gave excellent performances
    • Definitely better than Man of Steel/Dawn of Justice
    • Not better than TDK/Logan. Come on people!
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Possibly!
    • Post-credits scenes: None

May 2017

  • First, the spoiler-free summary (spoilers after this part): overall a very entertaining movie to sit down and watch popcorn and to enjoy the jokes and the space battles and the different colored lights and the tiny adorable tree creature GOTG’s humor was one of its strong points and for the 2nd movie, they push the comedy up a notch, perhaps a little too much in some places. Lots of funny gags and one-liners I felt like some of the character/background development stuff was pushed a bit too hard as well the movie’s plot also felt a bit thin and straightforward.

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