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2022 May

  • Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness:

    • fun, trippy and very "comic book" movie
    • better if you have seen Wandavision
    • don't bring kids, they might get scared

    Moon Knight:

    • some beautiful shots of varied locations
    • great performances
    • plot was ok, episode 5 was weird but probably the best one
    • ending a bit weak
    • probably enjoy it more if you're into the comics

2022 April

2022 March

  • It's even more annoying given that a good part of the world is still in a pandemic, and many would have been unable or unwilling to go out to theaters to watch in the first few days, and after that people just casually drop spoilers wherever.

    I was only able to watch No Way Home a couple of weeks ago because there was an Omicron surge in my country at the time it came out and I had no way to watch it safely. To say that I was disappointed with how much the internet spoiled to me is putting it mildly. And that's with me avoiding watching trailers and such. The movie experience would have been so much better if I had been able to watch day one (but even then all the leaks/rumors headlines would have already ruined some stuff for you!)

    I'm honestly thinking of just giving it up for Multiverse and Madness and just reading and watching everything, but that seems like a miserable time.

    Maybe this is just the price we have to pay for all the comic book films we are getting and for indulging this cinematic juggernaut.

  • Watched Free Guy (2021) today on a whim. This film is way better than I expected it to be, given the premise. A fun romp, with decent performances by Ryan Reynolds and Jodie comer (who I had previously only seen in The Last Duel). A fun popcorn flick!

  • Last night I wanted to watch a movie and settled on Drive (2011), mostly because of Carey Mulligan, who I really only knew from Blink. This film went from slow burn to sudden, graphic violence real quick. The protagonist hardly says anything. Very neo-noir. The director lingers on every shot, letting the audience soak up the mood. I feel like Ryan Gosling here is playing the same type of character he was in Blade Runner 2046, but I haven't seen enough of his movies to know if that's typical for his range. The film isn't really about driving cars, although it has a couple of good driving sequences.

2022 February

  • Watched this last night, since it was the last Jack Ryan movie I hadn't seen yet. (Coulda sworn it wasn't on Prime Video last year). It was ok. Ben Affleck's performance wasn't outstanding or anything, and the setup in the first half took a bit too long and was mostly just people talking and such, but the action-thriller part in the second half was good. I can see how releasing this in the climate less than a year after 9/11 might have been problematic though.

2022 January

2021 December

  • Watched The Green Knight (2021). Wasn't sure what to expect. Description suggested it would be some kind of action movie. It was most certainly not. The movie is captivating, unsettling, ambiguous, and even kind of trippy. Some great shots and visuals. Also it is surprisingly a Christmas movie. And there is a short post-credits scene!

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