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2021 May

  • The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

    Bond movie no. 9: The Man With The Golden Gun (1974). Christopher Lee was a Bond villain! Beirut, Macau, Hong Kong, Bangkok. An Asian girl is introduced just for the pun in her name. Comic relief southern sheriff dude is back from the previous film. Final fight scene with Nick Nack was ridiculous. As per usual, Bond gets captured and the bad guy explains everything. Still not used to Roger Moore in the role.

2021 April

  • Green Hornet

    Last night I accidentally watched most of the latter part of Green Hornet (2011) starring Seth Rogen. I never new he portrayed this character! Movie was reasonable popcorn action-comedy.

  • Rocky (1976)

    Today I decided to watch Rocky (1976) for some reason. The quintessential sports film, but I've never seen it before. Stallone looks only a bit younger than I remember him from the 90s. Apollo Creed is that dude from the Mandalorian! Surprised at the ending.

  • Bond film no. 8: Live and Let Die (1973).

    Moore feels a lot more "generic white guy" than Connery was. Maybe I just need to get used to him. Young Jane Seymour is here! There's a bayou chase scene here that goes on just a bit too long and had superfluous cop characters. All the voodoo stuff felt weirdly out of place. There's a character named Tee Hee! Most ridiculous villain death so far.

  • Needed something light to watch in the background, so I watched Airplane! (1980). It's the kind of movie where they just stuff in as many gags as possible, every throwaway line and even stuff happening in the background is a gag.

  • Diamonds are Forever (1971)

    Bond movie no. 7: Diamonds are Forever (1971). Connery's hair starting to go a bit gray in his last appearance. More Blofeld than I'd expected (harhar). Space laser! Plenty O'Toole seemed pointless, there just to die. A lot of cheesy lines from the assassin henchment. These movies would be a lot shorter if they just shot Bond whenever they caught him. The action scenes in all these old Bond films always feel so jarring compared to modern ones. Limited by the technology of their time I guess.

  • Bond movie no. 6: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). Only Lazenby appearance. He was fine, I suppose. Tracy probably best Bond girl so far. I liked the ski scenes more than Thunderball's underwater scenes. Loose continuity. Was confused by Blofeld not recognizing Bond after they already met in the previous movie. Apparently, the novel order was reversed. Also, did Bond just leave him stuck in a tree assuming he was dead after hunting him relentlessly?

2021 March

  • Bond movie no. 5: You Only Live Twice (1967). Such Japan. Much wow. Cringe at trying to pass Bond off as Japanese. Introduction of secret volcano lair trope. Ninjas with guns! First screen appearance of the head of SPECTRE, inspiration for Dr Evil. That endgame scene of ninjas invading the secret volcano lair reminded me of the Simpsons episode You Only Move Twice. Bond's "wife" never named despite being only Bond girl to survive the movie.

  • See also: Justice League spoiler-free review (2017) This is basically a movie that's more than 3 years old, we're not holding back on spoilers here. plot basically follows the same beats as the theatrical cut except this time we have a lot more team setup time (one of my criticisms from the previous version), giving the characters stronger backgrounds, especially Cyborg and Flash Ray Fisher was right to complain; in this version he's one of the important characters of the ensemble while he was basically a minor guest character in the theatrical cut more DC characters make appearances in this

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  • Bond movie no. 4: Thunderball (1965). This is the first one I didn't like very much. Too many boring/confusing underwater parts. There's a jetpack! Wasn't there an atomic bomb aboard that boat when it exploded? And did they just leave the guy who helped Domino escape floating alone in the ocean?

  • Bond movie no. 3: Goldfinger (1964). Lot of the classic Bond tropes introduced. Bad guy's plan was actually pretty good, even had the escape contingency. Disappointed he did not have an actual gold finger. Great fight between Bond and Oddjob.

  • James Bond movie no. 2: To Russia With Love (1963). This one actually had more bits that felt like actual espionage. And Bond didn't need to get captured this time!

  • Haven't seen any of the pre-Brosnan Bond films, so I started today with Dr No (1962). Pretty good, but if this were a modern film, I'd have expected some kind of plot twist with Honey Rider, like maybe she would have turned out to be the actual Dr No

2021 February

  • For some reason, I watched Space Sweepers, a Korean sci-fi movie on Netflix. Fun ride, fairly entertaining, pretty good setpieces and special effects. (They are so far ahead of the local film industry.) Plot a bit predictable. Villain made no sense.

2021 January

2020 December

2020 September

  • Weeknotes 2020-09-27

    October is imminent! There are two distractions I'm looking forward to in the coming month. The first one is Inktober, which I've been doing since 2016. Basically it's just to do 30 ink drawings in October, one per day. There are some official prompts, which I'll probably follow. I haven't really done any serious sketching in a while, maybe this will help me get back into the groove. The second one is Hacktoberfest! Basically it's an event where you have to submitted some number of GitHub PRs in October, and there's some swag for people who finished. I last participated

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2020 August

  • Weeknotes 2020-08-30

    This last week was weird. I feel like I didn't really get much done in terms of productivity, yet I don't feel I was unproductive. A very relaxed and chill week. Once again a tiny bit of work done this past week, some fixes, including to side projects. I also spent some time preparing for some events next weekend. Although I wasn't productive this week, I did outline a bit of a roadmap of new features for one of my side projects, hopefully I can get into that in the coming weeks! We are still in a pandemic! But I

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