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You can play with any deck you like, there are no restrictions (other than the usual 60 cards, 15 card sideboard, max 4 of each card other than basic lands).


The main event for Copenhagen is Modern Horizons Limited, so the deck you bring with you does not matter. If you choose to join the main event, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the Modern Horizons set and the limited environment. The main event will have a high entrance fee and there will be a lot of cash on the line, but it will be difficult to advance to day 2.


Other than the main event, there will be side events running alongside the main event, smaller tournaments with smaller prize pools and limited number of slots some of them will be standard, so you can play your decks there, even if you don’t think they are optimal. The side events during the first day will be typically a bit less competitive (since many of the competitive players will prefer the main event). On the 2nd day, the competitive players who did not advance in the main event will be playing side events too. Many side events will fire per day, so if you do poorly in the first one you join, you will typically still be able to join others.


I suggest figuring out what it is you want to do - if you just want to have fun, I suggest joining whatever event you like, don’t worry too much about being competitive (taking into account the entry fees). If you want to be competitive, I suggest trying the main event. One “fun” event I like to look forward to at GPs/MagicFests is “Chaos Sealed”, which is a limited format with packs taken from random sets. IDK if they still do that nowadays, but typically it will be in day 2.

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I did a prerelease at the Hareruya in Tokyo (because it happened to coincide with a trip with friends), it was cool. I think they’re pretty used to foreigners coming in, they had English-language prerelease packs for us. And everyone could communicate to some degree. I was mostly able to cope despite not being 100% familiar with the cards. My one problem was when someone played a creature with an ability that I wasn’t sure what it was and the guy had to say it a few times. I kept hearing “mens” but eventually figured out it was “menace” lol.

(This anecdote isn’t really relevant to constructed I guess lol sorry)

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A couple of questions about the legacy finals (sorry, I only caught a portion of it and not really a legacy player): there’s a monarch effect in play, where did that come from? I skimmed the decklists and couldnt find it. Also speaking of decklists, there’s a Throne of Geth in Josh Utter-Leyton’s SB, what’s that for?

Edit: Oops, sorry. Checked the decklists again, saw that Palace Jailer gives monarch. Only thing I’m confused about now is Throne of Geth!

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It’s very valuable because:

  • it’s very useful since it serves a “flexible” land slot in your deck. Normally it can be either an Island or a Forest. But in older sets there are also lands that are both Island and Plains or Forest and Mountain. Effectively, in formats where the old cards are legal, Misty Rainforest can fetch the correct color mana you need at any time. Because of this flexibility, such lands are used in a lot of decks in those formats where old cards are legal, meaning there is a high demand for them

  • the original version is out of print and has had high demand for a long time, driving the price up

  • the newer printing from Battle for Zendikar (the one you have) is a very very very rare pull - I’m not sure about the numbers, but someone else here mentioned only 1 in around 200 booster packs will have it

In short, congratulations on the pull!

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Jul 2016

Posted on r/magicTCG: Should I expect Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy to tank in price once it’s out of Standard?

I’m looking to focus on Modern until maybe end of the year, so I probably won’t be using my Jace playset until it rotates out. I like to keep a playset around of mythics I enjoyed using though, but in this case, would it be better to sell them off now (while he still has another set’s worth of time in standard legality) and rebuy later?

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It means what the reminder text says. You can choose to cast Murderous Cut for a reduced cost (as little as one black mana!) by exiling cards from your graveyard. Each card you exile reduces the cost by (1)

Some decks will use the graveyard as a resource, so they will have cards that allow you to move cards directly from your own library to graveyard (often called “milling”). The idea is to win before running out of cards in the library, taking advantages of the additional bonuses provided by having more cards in the graveyard (for Murderous Cut, the bonus is having the choice to play it at a lower cost)

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I sorted all my commons/uncommons a while back, somewhere between 20-25k cards all in all (a good number from pre-Modern sets). Booster boxes can hold like 2-3 letters at a time, i.e. one booster box is enough for all As, Bs and half of Cs. All the Ss needed more than two booster boxes =/

Also, I probably need better storage than booster boxes

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