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Dec 2008

I actually initially thought that there would be a PTQ this weekend. When I found out there would just be a normal Standard tournament the night before, I assembled a deck quickly. I went with Blightning Beatdown:

Unfortunately, things did not go well for our hero. Tournament report follows.

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Nov 2008

The PTQ was last Sunday, November 17 at Robinson’s Galleria. As per usual, I opened and registered a pretty good pool with 2 [Battlegrace Angel][1] and [Tezzeret the Seeker][2] . The pool I got passed to me and the deck I built below: Lands 1 Grixis Panorama 1 Naya Panorama 1 Plains 3 Swamp 5 Mountain 4 Forest Creatures 1 Skeletal Kathari 1 Viscera Dragger 1 Hell's Thunder 2 Hissing Iguanar 1 Jund Battlemage 1 Algae Gharial 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Jungle Weaver 1 Manaplasm 1 Rhox Charger 1 Blood Cultist 1 Carrion Thrash 2 Goblin Deathraiders 1 Kresh the Bloodbraided 1 Rip-Clan Crasher Spells 1 Oblivion Ring 1 Resounding Silence 1 Skeletonize 1 Soul's Fire 1 Branching Bolt 1 Jund Charm 1 Obelisk of Grixis 1 Arcane Sanctum Sideboard 1 Angel's Herald 1 Ethersworn Canonist 1 Excommunicate 2 Knight of the Skyward Eye 1 Marble Chalice 1 Soul's Grace 1 Welkin Guide 1 Call to Heel 2 Cancel 1 Cloudheath Drake 2 Coma Veil 1 Jhessian Lookout 1 Outrider of Jhess 1 Resounding Wave 1 Sphinx's Herald 1 Vectis Silencers 1 Banewasp Affliction 2 Deathgreeter 1 Immortal Coil 1 Resounding Scream 1 Scavenger Drake 1 Shadowfeed 1 Shore Snapper 1 Bloodthorn Taunter 1 Exuberant Firestoker 1 Goblin Mountaineer 1 Incurable Ogre 1 Viashino Skeleton 1 Volcanic Submersion 1 Lush Growth 1 Resounding Roar 1 Soul's Might 1 Topan Ascetic 1 Carrion Thrash 1 Fire-Field Ogre 1 Kederekt Creeper 1 Kiss of the Amesha 1 Qasali Ambusher 1 Rakeclaw Gargantuan 1 Sigil Blessing 1 Waveskimmer Aven 1 Obelisk of Bant The pool had decent removal, but no big game-winning bombs.

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Just kidding. I don’t have a draft cap or anything. I went drafting with our would-be GP Taipei contingent last November 12 (Wednesday). I actually almost never play sanctioned matches outside of the weekend tournaments, but I was a bit tired from work and wanted to blow off steam, so I went ahead to Robinson’s Galleria and waited a couple of hours for the 8-man draft to fill up. I opened with Cruel Ultimatum as my first pick, then got a couple of white weenies (Akrasan Squire and Sigiled Paladin) before getting a 4th-pick Agony Warp.

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Tournament was last November 2 at Robinson’s Galleria. The format is Shards of Alara sealed. Because the store lacked tourney packs, the tournament was split into two halves; one half would get 1 tourney pack + 2 boosters, the other half would get 5 boosters. I played in the tourney pack half. My pool and decklist to follow. Basically, I played Naya again, splashing blue for (this is ridiculous) 2 Kederekt Leviathans!

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Oct 2008

2nd Trial for Taipei was last Sunday, October 17 at Robinson’s Galleria. I open to register a very mediocre pool while the rest of the guys at my table open awesome pools with lots of bombs. “Gee, I hope we don’t keep this pool.” The judge comes over, rolls the dice and we keep our pools. Awkward. Lands 2 Crumbling Necropolis 9 Plains 1 Mountain 5 Forest Creatures 2 Akrasan Squire 1 Ranger of Eos 1 Rockcaster Platoon 1 Sighted-Caste Sorcerer 1 Sigiled Paladin 1 Yoked Plowbeast 1 Jund Battlemage 1 Ridge Rannet 1 Vithian Stinger 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Court Archers 1 Drumhunter 1 Jungle Weaver 1 Wild Nacatl 1 Steward of Valeron 1 Woolly Thoctar Spells 1 Oblivion Ring 1 Magma Spray 1 Resounding Thunder 1 Sigil Blessing 1 Obelisk of Jund 1 Quietus Spike Sideboard 1 Angel's Herald 1 Angelsong 2 Dispeller's Capsule 1 Sunseed Nurturer 1 Call to Heel 2 Cathartic Adept 1 Coma Veil 1 Courier's Capsule 2 Jhessian Lookout 1 Kathari Screecher 1 Mindlock Orb 1 Outrider of Jhess 1 Spell Snip 1 Tortoise Formation 2 Blister Beetle 1 Bone Splinters 1 Dreg Reaver 1 Dregscape Zombie 1 Executioner's Capsule 1 Skeletal Kathari 1 Undead Leotau 1 Goblin Mountaineer 2 Lightning Talons 1 Thorn-Thrash Viashino 1 Thunder-Thrash Elder 1 Volcanic Submersion 2 Behemoth's Herald 1 Godtoucher 1 Sacellum Godspeaker 1 Savage Hunger 1 Soul's Might 1 Agony Warp 1 Blightning 1 Fire-Field Ogre 1 Hindering Light 1 Kederekt Creeper 1 Necrogenesis 1 Punish Ignorance 1 Sprouting Thrinax 1 Tidehollow Strix 1 Obelisk of Esper I guess I pretty much misbuilt the deck.

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I haven’t had a top eight result in a while. Thank goodness for limited season! I registered a deck that I would have loved to play, with highlights such as Caldera Hellion, 2 Oblivion Rings and 2 Resounding Thunders, plus a lot of good blue/black stuff. Of course, we pass the card pools and here’s the one I ended up playing: Lands 5 Plains 2 Island 1 Swamp 1 Mountain 5 Forest 1 Bant Panorama 1 Jund Panorama 1 Naya Panorama Creatures 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Court Archers 1 Druid of the Anima 1 Mosstodon 1 Naya Battlemage 1 Broodmate Dragon 1 Deft Duelist 2 Qasali Ambusher 1 Stoic Angel 1 Waveskimmer Aven 1 Resounding Thunder 1 Guardians of Akrasa 1 Knight of the Skyward Eye 1 Sanctum Gargoyle 1 Sigiled Paladin Spells 1 Obelisk of Esper 1 Obelisk of Grixis 1 Infest 1 Bant Charm 1 Oblivion Ring 1 Resounding Silence 1 Scourglass Sideboard 1 Obelisk of Jund 1 Banewasp Affliction 1 Blister Beetle 1 Dregscape Zombie 1 Glaze Fiend 1 Onyx Goblet 1 Puppet Conjurer 1 Shadowfeed 1 Undead Leotau 1 Cancel 1 Coma Veil 1 Courier's Capsule 2 Fatestitcher 2 Jhessian Lookout 1 Outrider of Jhess 1 Sphinx's Herald 1 Behemoth's Herald 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Cylian Elf 1 Gift of the Gargantuan 1 Godtoucher 1 Ooze Garden 1 Resounding Roar 1 Blightning 1 Carrion Thrash 1 Goblin Deathraiders 1 Prince of Thralls 1 Sangrite Surge 1 Sigil Blessing 1 Sprouting Thrinax 1 Swerve 1 Bloodpyre Elemental 1 Dragon Fodder 1 Dragon's Herald 1 Goblin Mountaineer 2 Lightning Talons 1 Ridge Rannet 2 Soul's Fire 1 Volcanic Submersion 1 Angelsong 1 Guardians of Akrasa 1 Welkin Guide 1 Yoked Plowbeast The exalted theme is pretty good and I was glad for a chance to try it out.

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Sep 2008

I hit the first flight at Eastwood City last Saturday, September 27. Here’s my sealed pool: Lands 1 Arcane Sanctum 1 Bant Panorama 1 Crumbling Necropolis 1 Savage Lands 4 Plains 4 Island 5 Forest Spells 1 Obelisk of Esper 1 Courier's Capsule 1 Resounding Wave 1 Branching Bolt 1 Sigil Blessing 1 Magma Spray 1 Oblivion Ring Creatures 1 Cloudheath Drake 2 Kathari Screecher 1 Kederekt Leviathan 2 Druid of the Anima 1 Drumhunter 1 Jungle Weaver 1 Mosstodon 1 Naya Battlemage 1 Mayael the Anima 1 Rafiq of the Many 2 Steward of Valeron 1 Bant Battlemage 1 Yoked Plowbeast Sideboard 1 Relic of Progenitus 1 Bone Splinters 1 Deathgreeter 1 Dregscape Zombie 1 Glaze Fiend 1 Onyx Goblet 1 Puppet Conjurer 1 Skeletal Kathari 1 Undead Leotau 1 Viscera Dragger 1 Call to Heel 1 Cathartic Adept 1 Courier's Capsule 1 Etherium Astrolabe 1 Etherium Sculptor 1 Fatestitcher 1 Outrider of Jhess 1 Spell Snip 1 Tortoise Formation 1 Godtoucher 2 Lush Growth 1 Mighty Emergence 1 Manaplasm 1 Ooze Garden 1 Savage Hunger 3 Soul's Might 1 Topan Ascetic 1 Wild Nacatl 1 Grixis Panorama 1 Blightning 1 Grixis Charm 1 Kederekt Creeper 1 Kiss of the Amesha 1 Necrogenesis 1 Qasali Ambusher 1 Realm Razer 1 Rip-Clan Crasher 2 Tidehollow Strix 1 Bloodpyre Elemental 1 Dragon's Herald 1 Exuberant Firestoker 1 Goblin Mountaineer 1 Lightning Talons 1 Ridge Rannet 2 Thorn-Thrash Viashino 1 Vithian Stinger 1 Volcanic Submersion 1 Akrasan Squire 1 Angelsong 1 Dispeller's Capsule 1 Excommunicate 1 Gustrider Exuberant 1 Marble Chalice 1 Soul's Grace 1 Sunseed Nurturer The pool was pretty good, decent removal and I built the deck around fatties (Naya, obviously).

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Catching up on my tournament reports now: Sep 7, Pre-Alara Triple Treat (Prerelease passes at stake) I’m playing the same deck as I did in the GP Manila Day Two PTQs. Round 1 vs 5-color merfolk: 2-0 win. Round 2 vs Kithkin (mirror match) 0-2 loss. I generally don’t know how to play the mirror match. Round 3 vs 5-color control: 1-2 loss. His build was too strong against Kithkin; in addition to Firespouts and Hallowed Burials, he also had Soul Snuffers.

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Grand Prix Manila 08 has come and gone and is in the history books. While the Wizards official coverage gives you the play-by-play and the results, I’ll see if I can’t provide any interesting stories about my first constructed Grand Prix event. For the PTQ on day two, I decided to just use the Kithkin build we made for Paul, except that I put in Stillmoon Cavaliers maindeck, taking out Knight of Meadowgrain.

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Grand Prix Manila 08 has come and gone and is in the history books. While the Wizards official coverage gives you the play-by-play and the results, I’ll see if I can’t provide any interesting stories about my first constructed Grand Prix event. ** Day One Tournament Report ** As mentioned in the previous post , I’m playing QnT and I hope to fight aggro decks all day long. ** Round 1.

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… starts next week. Taking a break from typing up my Grand Prix Manila blog entries, here’s my prediction for the type of manafixing we’ll see in Alara: Grixis Land Land (Common) T: Add 1 to your mana pool. 2, T: Add RBU to your mana pool. Whenever you would add G or W to your mana pool, add 1 to your mana pool instead.
Grand Prix Manila 08 has come and gone and is in the history books. While the Wizards official coverage gives you the play-by-play and the results, I’ll see if I can’t provide any interesting stories about my first constructed Grand Prix event. ** Grand Prix Manila, Day Zero ** I met up with Switch and Alex at the venue (Megatrade hall in SM Megamall) early and got in by 10 am.

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Grand Prix Manila 08 has come and gone and is in the history books. While the Wizards official coverage gives you the play-by-play and the results, I’ll see if I can’t provide any interesting stories about my first constructed Grand Prix event. Cast of Characters It was about three weeks before the Grand Prix, and I still had no idea what I was going to play. I didn’t have a regular playtest group, and I needed some people to bounce ideas off.

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Aug 2008

2nd PTQ was last Saturday, August 23 at Robinson’s Calleria. I brought a slightly modified version of the greedy deck: Lands 2 Mutavault 4 Reflecting Pool 4 Secluded Glen 3 Sunken Ruins 4 Vivid Creek 2 Vivid Marsh 3 Wanderwine Hub 2 Mystic Gate Creatures 4 Merrow Reejerey 2 Mirror Entity 4 Silvergill Adept 4 Stonybrook Banneret 4 Sower of Temptation Other Spells 4 Bitterblossom 4 Cryptic Command 4 Nameless Inversion 3 Unmake 3 Sage's Dousing Sideboard 2 Shriekmaw 2 Crib Swap 2 Pollen Lullaby 2 Hallowed Burial 4 Wispmare 3 Vendillion Clique The venue is crowded as the PTQ is the same day as WoW TCG Nationals.

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The tournament was last Saturday, Aug 16 at Robinson’s Galleria. I played the same deck as last week, except I had the following sideboard: 2 Hallowed Burial 2 Shriekmaw 2 Eyeblight's Ending 2 Crib Swap 2 Pollen Lullaby 4 Wispmare 1 Jace Beleren The extra removal was geared towards the kithkin matchup, which was unknown to me at the time.

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The Philippine Open tournaments (one Standard and one Block) are held as side events to the Philippine Nationals. (I was not qualified obviously). I played in the block portion last Saturday, August 9 at Robinson’s Galleria. I played a version of the PWC Special from GP Kobe, the so-called “Greedy Deck” Lands 2 Mutavault 3 Reflecting Pool 3 Secluded Glen 4 Sunken Ruins 4 Vivid Creek 2 Vivid Marsh 3 Wanderwine Hub 2 Mystic Gate 1 Swamp Creatures 4 Merrow Reejerey 3 Mirror Entity 4 Silvergill Adept 4 Sower of Temptation 4 Stonybrook Banneret Other Spells 4 Bitterblossom 4 Cryptic Command 4 Nameless Inversion 2 Peppersmoke 3 Sage's Dousing Sideboard 2 Austere Command 1 Jace Beleren 1 Puppeteer Clique 1 Arbiter of Knollridge 4 Wispmare 2 Pollen Lullaby 2 Eyeblight's Ending 2 Shriekmaw As usual, assembled the day before with zero playtesting.

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A bit late, but for the record I went 1-3 in the Eventide Release Party with my very lame pool. (I swear, I get Dramatic Entrance all the time in sealed!) After the release event, I played in an EVE-EVE-EVE draft, where I went 2-1 and didn’t manage to raredraft anything valuable. Tomorrow: Philippine Open (Block)!

Jul 2008

It’s been three whole weeks since I last managed to attend a Magic tournament. Despite the hectic work schedule and the fact that spoilers have failed to impress me, I managed to wrangle a Saturday off to hit Robinson’s Galleria for the Eventide Prerelease. So we show up early and join the first flight. I open and register a Shadowmoor tournament pack with next to nothing in terms of decent cards.

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Jun 2008

The tournament was Sunday, June 15. The format was of course Block Constructed. I was playing the same Commandments deck as the day before, except I managed to get the second Mind Spring (taking out the Fathom Trawl). During last minute playtesting on Sunday morning I also decided to take out the Plumeveils from the board (they were redundant with Nameless Inversion) and put in Faerie Macabres to help the Elemental matchup.

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The tournament was last Staurday, 14-June and the format wasLorwyn/Shadowmoor Block Constructed. I had been having a bad constructed record over the past few tournaments, so I thought I’d play in one of the smaller tournaments before heading into another GPT. I didn’t want to play Kithkin (too random) or Faeries (not enough components). I though I would go for control instead and thus assembled the following Commandments decklist: Lands 2 Forest 3 Island 3 Reflecting Pool 1 Primal Beyond 4 Vivid Grove 4 Vivid Creek 2 Vivid Meadow 3 Mystic Gate 2 Sunken Ruins 1 Fire-Lit Thicket 1 Wooded Bastion Creatures 4 Mulldrifter 3 Shriekmaw 3 Cloudthresher 1 Plumeveil 1 Horde of Notions 4 Kitchen Finks 16 creatures Spells 4 Firespout 4 Cryptic Command 3 Broken Ambitions 2 Austere Command 3 Makeshift Mannequin 1 Mind Spring 1 Fathom Trawl 18 spells Sideboard 2 Nameless Inversion 2 Mind Shatter 2 Primal Command 3 Plumeveil 3 Jace Beleren 3 Pollen Lullaby Round 1: Mirror match!

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The place was NG Galleria, the format was booster draft, three rounds of Lorwyn-Lorwyn-Morningtide followed by three rounds of Shadowmoor-Shadowmoor-Shadowmoor. I went in a bit confident; I had a drafted a couple of times in the past month with decent results (2-1 and 3-1), so I figured I could probably manage at least a 4-2 here or better. I was quite wrong. For the LLM draft, I went with a Treefolk-based build around Battlewand Oaks.

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There was a recent thread over on the Neutral Grounds forums about how Filipino MTG players often “netdeck” or use decklists off the internet. To anyone who starts playing MTG, the ability to build your own decks has always been one of the primary appeals. For this reason, every MTG player would like to think that they have in themselves some level of deckbuilding “skills” and that using netdecks should be treated as a loss of pride in one’s own work.

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May 2008

The GPT was today: Sunday, 25-May-2008 as Robinson’s Galleria. I’m sad that the GPTs are all scheduled on Sundays. The deck I brought: Creatures 3 Elvish Hexhunter 4 Safehold Elite 4 Wren's Run Vanquisher 4 Imperious Perfect 4 Kitchen Finks 4 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers 3 Jagged-Scar Archers 3 Wilt-Leaf Liege 2 Heartmender 2 Oversoul of Dusk Spells 4 Shield of the Oversoul Lands 23 Forest Sideboard 2 Cloudthresher 2 Chameleon Colossus 4 Mercy Killing 3 Tower Above 2 Primal Command 2 Gleeful Sabotage I felt unsure bringing in this deck (or any other deck actually).

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I couldn’t leave work early again last May 24, so I settled for signing up to a booster draft. Unfortunately, the draft itself didn’t go well. I tried going with either red/green or red/black first, but wasn’t getting enough good cards. I eventually settled on picking up the many blue fliers that were passing by and eventually ended up in Uw. I was still undecided and still picked from red/black occasionally in pack two until the third pack where I cracked Thistledown Liege.

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Chapin makes it to top 8 with an innovative new combo deck that absolutely eats up faeries, but loses in the finals to some Japanese guy with 2/2 dorks out of the board. Edit (May 24 9AM): After six rounds, Chapin is at 3 points (one and five). My new bet is Wafo-Tapa. I hear he’s piloting some sort of five-color control.

Regionals was today, 18-May. The format was standard and I went to play at Galleria.

I have a mixed track record for regionals. During Regionals 2006, I went 1-4-drop with a rogue deck of my own design. During Regionals 2007 I played Korlash/Mishra built by Flores, going 5-and-3.

I was debating whether I would even go to play in the tournament, as I was totally unprepared and was quite tired. I figured a straight aggro deck would be fine, as I didn’t want to play Reveillark again for the expected nine rounds. I lent out the merfolk deck, so I cobbled together a build of Elves the night before instead:

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Due to an increased workload, as of Friday night I was still totally unprepared for Block Constructed. I decided to skip the Shadowmoor Block Inaugural tournament yesterday, but I still showed up in the afternoon at Galleria to look for cards. Luckily, there was a draft signup so I went ahead and gambled some money on my supposed skills in Limited.

After waiting some 3-4 hours for the draft signup to reach 8 people, we got started. I always carry a pair of scissors in my bag now since I’m really bad at opening packs when my hands get sweaty.

Some select picks:

Pack one, pick one:

[Mossbridge Troll][1]

In the removal-light SHM limited format, the Troll is pretty hard to kill for some color combinations. And besides, it’s a rare!

Pack one, pick two:

[Wicker Warcrawler][2]

There’s a group of people I draft with on a semiregular basis; “Be a man, take the artifact!” has been one of our running jokes for years now. The thing abut the warcrawler is that many people don’t realize that it gets the -1/-1 counter at the end of combat, so the first attack or block is a six, and will often net you card advantage in the form of a chump block.

Pack one, pick three:

[Flourishing Defenses][3]

This card turned out to be nuts whenever I cast it. Two 3/3s with wither bump into each other? Okay, six elf tokens. Wicker Warcrawler? An elf token every turn. Morselhoarder? Two free elf tokens!

For the rest of the pack I pick up various scarecrows and red/green men.

Pack two, pick one:

[Reflecting Pool][4]

Wow, cash!

Pack two, pick two:

[Knollspine Invocation][5]

As much a bomb as Stormbind, this led me to red as my secondary color to green, despite the severe lack of removal I was getting.

I managed to get a

[Burn Trail][6]

and a


later in this pack.

Pack three, pick one:

[Swans of Byrn Argoll][8]

Lol, yeah, rare-drafting.

Prior to this pack I’d already gotten a pair of


and a

[Mudbrawler Raider][10]

, so when a

[Runes of the Deus][11]

came in, I easily scooped it up. I also got two Pili-palas in the third pack, hoping to score a Power of Fire, but no such luck. The Pili-pala were very good though, enabling a splash of white and for some reason people don’t realize it’s a flier!

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The tournament was yesterday, May 03, Standard at Robinson’s Galleria.

I was planning to play Green-White midrange, as documented on


Deckbuilding for an Unknown Metagame]1

. Due to card availability issues, the final list I played is:

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Apr 2008

This coming weekend is the release of Shadowmoor. As with any new set coming in, this means a new environment with an unknown metagame, and is especially true for the large set Shadowmoor. It’s an opportunity for those of us who believe we have some modicum of deck-building skills. I plan to be playing Standard on Saturday, one day after set release so I will try to build a deck to take advantage of the wide open field.

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In the Philippines, the Sneak Peak serves as our release party, and the format is the same as the prerelease: Four rounds of sealed, each win gets you a Shadowmoor booster pack. 4-0 wins a Shadowmoor deck box.

The sealed pool I opened and registered was a mediocre pile with limited removal and rares like Rage Reflection, Reaper King, Vexing Shusher and Demigod of Revenge. This not being the prerelease, the pools were shuffled around after registration.

This is the pool I got and played:

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The prerelease was held last April 19 at Robinson’s Galleria. The last time I went 4-0 and won a shirt was Time Spiral prerelease. I have a good feeling about this one. Then I crack open the following sealed pool:

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Tournament was last April 6 2008 at NG Galleria, with 3 formats: Block, Standard and Extended. I was thinking of playing block but shifted to standard at the last minute because I only had one Mutavault.

This was deck I assembled on Saturday:

Of course I went in again with no playtesting. Enjoyment. Tournament report follows.

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The tournament was held last 29-March at Neutral Grounds Galleria. The format was Standard and my deck was Heavyweight Ramp. 256 people, 9 rounds (!)

I debated internally whether to just play ‘Lark (which I had played for the last two tournaments) or play with my last-minute list above that had a better game against Faeries (in theory!). I didn’t want to play a UW control deck for five rounds, so we go Mana Ramp.

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Mar 2008

The tournament was last Saturday, March 15, Standard. Slightly modified list from last week: Land: 6 Islands 5 Plains 4 Adarkar Waster 4 Nimbus Maze 4 Desert Creatures: 4 Mulldrifter 4 Reveillark 3 Mirror Entity 2 Bonded Fetch 3 Body Double 2 Riftwing Cloudskate 2 Venser, Shaper Savant 3 Aven Riftwatcher Other Spells: 3 Prismatic Lens 2 Mind Stone 4 Wrath of God 3 Momentary Blink 2 Condemn Sideboard: 2 Windborn Muse 2 Crovax, Ascendant Hero 2 Condemn 2 Stonecloaker 2 Sower of Temptation 2 Draining Whelk 2 Teferi's Moat 1 Magus of the Moat Just a quick summary this time:

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The tournament format is Morningtide standard, 09 March at NG Galleria. My decklist, pirated from Benjamin Peebles-Mundy, with slight modifications :

Tournament report follows.

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Feb 2008

A box and five boosters actually. We drafted the packs, but the final distribution of rares we got were: Red 3 Boldwyr Heavyweights 1 Countryside Crusher 1 Shared Animosity 1 Sensation Gorger 1 Titan's Revenge 1 Vengeful Firebrand Green 1 Chameleon Colossus 1 Greatbow Doyen 1 Leaf-crowned Elder 1 Reach of Branches 1 Rhys the Exiled 1 Scapeshift 1 Unstoppable Ash White 1 Battletide Alchemist 1 Feudkiller's Verdict 1 Idyllic Tutor 1 Kinsbaile Borderguard 1 Preeminent captain 1 Reveillark 1 Stonehewer Giant Blue 3 Declaration of Naught 1 Knowledge Exploitation 1 Slithermuse 1 Supreme Exemplar 1 Vendillion Clique Black 3 Bitterblossom 1 Earwig Squad 2 Fendeep Summoner 1 Maralen of the Mornsong 1 Scarblade Elite 1 Stenchskipper Lands 1 Mutavault 2 Rustic Clachan Foils 1 Reveillark Not a bad box.

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Flight B, February 2, 2008, Saturday at Neutral Grounds Galleria. The format is LOR/MOR sealed.

I get my product and check it out. No outright bombs or cash rares, but I immediately spot the Drowner of Secrets + Merrow Commerce + 2 Stonybrook Schoolmasters. I had reasonable fliers and permission, so I built the blue-white deck. My only removal being a Weight of Conscience that I did not actually put in the maindeck.

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Jan 2008

Tournament was at January 5 2008 in Robinson’s Galleria. I only found out the day before, so I brought the only deck I had – Mannequin. Round 1: 0-2 loss vs UG Faeries Round 2: 0-2 loss vs BGW Doran Round 3: 2-0 win vs BW unknown deck Round 4: 0-2 loss vs UG Faeries Round 5: 0-2 loss vs BG Tarmorack Ugh. Terrible way to start the year. My own fault for bringing an outdated version of Mannequin to the tournament without even any testing.

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Dec 2007

I believe that this year, I have managed to improve my Magic-playing a bit (despite the abundance of embarassing mistakes).I also believe I’m slightly better at Limited than I am at Constructed. TO back up these beliefs, I could point to my DCI ratings. But as a programmer who loves stats, I compiled additional stats for my own pleasure: My Playing Stats . A bit of background: I’ve been playing Magic on and off since Revised, but only gotten into the tournament scene seriously in 2006.

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A couple of weeks ago, just before the last PTQ of the season, I was thinking of quitting Magic. Not because I’m tired of it or anything, but because I’ve run out of people to play with. Unlike last year where we had enough players in the office to occasionally have an 8-man draft, this year most of the Magic players have either switched to WoW or moved to a different company/country.

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The last qualifier in the Philippines, held last December 16. I wasn’t able to attend the Gold Rush the day before due to prior commitments, so this was my last tournament for the year. I opened a pool with a lot of removal: 1 Herbal Poultice 1 Briarhorn 1 Moonglove Extract 1 Fertile Ground 1 Bog Hoodlums 1 Immaculate Magistrate 1 Boggart Loggers 1 Kithkin Daggerdare 1 Colfenor's Plans 2 Lace with Moonglove 1 Dread 2 Lignify 1 Exiled Boggart 2 Sylvan Echoes 1 Fodder Launch 1 Timber Protector 2 Footbottom Feast 1 Warren-Scourge Elf 1 Hornet Harasser 1 Woodland Changeling 1 Hunter of Eyeblights 1 Island 1 Marsh Flitter 1 Shelldock Isle 1 Prowess of the Fair 1 Vivid Marsh 1 Scarred Vinebreeder 1 Adder-Staff Boggart 1 Skeletal Changeling 2 Axegrinder Giant 1 Spiderwig Boggart 1 Blind-Spot Giant 1 Thieving Sprite 1 Faultgrinder 2 Weed Strangle 1 Fire-Belly Changeling 1 Amoeboid Changeling 2 Lash Out 1 Aquitect's Will 1 Lowland Oaf 2 Deeptread Merrow 1 Rebellion of the Flamekin 1 Drowner of Secrets 2 Tar Pitcher 1 Faerie Trickery 1 Hillcomber Giant 1 Familiar's Ruse 1 Judge of Currents 1 Merrow Reejerey 1 Kinsbaile Balloonist 1 Mulldrifter 1 Kinsbaile Skirmisher 2 Ponder 1 Kithkin Greatheart 1 Protective Bubble 1 Kithkin Harbinger 1 Ringskipper 2 Kithkin Healer 1 Whirlpool Whelm 1 Lairwatch Giant 1 Sentry Oak 2 Springjack Knight I built some deck with Goblins and Giants:

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Dec-2, Sunday. Lorwyn Sealed. The usual location of course, NG Galleria. _ I find your lack of socks… disturbing _ I played a couple MTGO drafts the day before but did not do very well, I hoped my luck would be better this time. But my day did not start very well as I found that I had forgotten to bring sleeves to the event. I had to buy some rough-backed Ultra Pros.

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Yeah, I post these late, I’m a busy man. But I want to have a record so here we go. Same deck as [ the last time]1 , except I removed the 2 grim harvests from the board and put in +2 sudden death (to improve the pickles matchup) Round 1: My opponent had a BUw Mannequin deck, splashing for O-Ring and Blink. He obviously put the deck together at the last minute though.

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The first step is admitting you have a problem. I’ve thrown away games because I played spells without thinking and attacked without thinking. I go on autopilot far too often. It has got to stop. What’s the preventive measure? I’ll count to 3 before making every decision.

Nov 2007

My single greatest problem with Magic Online is the fact that it’s on a computer. Which means that unlike a real draft where I can focus 100% on the draft, in Magic Online I could possibly be doing several other things such as coding, blogging, random surfing, IM, etc. that may cause terrible misclicks such as a first-pick Faultgrinder (true story) I should stop writing this post now and maybe try to salvage the draft.

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Tournament was last Sunday, November 18. Format was Lorwyn Sealed. I open a pretty good sealed pool this time. Notable cards include Mistbind Clique, Profane Command, Mulldrifter, Cloudgoat Ranger, Oblivion Ring, Shriekmaw and Silvergill Douser. Haven’t written up the sealed pool yet, will probably do so later. I play major blue, minor black and white. Round 1: 2-0 win vs BG Goblin/Elf Round 2: 2-0 win vs UB Faeries Round 3 vs merfolk, things start getting interesting.

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Tournament was on Saturday, November 10. Format was Standard. I didn’t have any good deck ideas this time around (some would argue I never do!), so I played a netdeck. I played the Mannequin deck that originally appeared in US States, as reported by BDM here. I had to change the board around a bit, I went with: 4 Nameless Inversion (to help kill black/artifact critters) 3 Vesuvan Shapeshifter (get random tricks off pickles, and kill legends)

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The format is Lorwyn Sealed. Note here that I they had a shortage of boosters and had to split tournament packs into 3 boosters to be able to accomodate all the players. Decklist/Card pool later, I’m too lazy to type it up. Unfortunately, I failed to learn from the previous mistakes as I got blinded by the shiny again, thinking I could actually cast Horde of Notions, so I went with an almost-five color build, major red-blue-and-green.

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