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2015 October

2015 September

  • Apparently it was a bad day to take a train to birmingham for egx as there's a rugby world cup match there today; the train is jam packed and i might be standing for 2hrs :/

    That train ride was ridiculous. Stupid rugby world cup #egx (@ National Exhibition Centre (NEC))

    Waiting to give sfv a whirl #egx

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    My feet hurt

    Egx was a welcome escape, although my feet are close to dead (hopefully I manage to get a seat on the train back to london). Didnt get to try too many games, the queues for the big aaa releases were ridiculous. Spent most of the time walking around and watching other people play. Nintendo booth was the most fun, I hung out at the sony one only for sfv. Lots of indies to see, some with very nice/clever premises

    I was able to travel out of London by myself and make it back safely! This means I can travel to Scotland now. Wut

  • Large hedron collider #mtgbfz

    Having trouble deciding between a more aggressive gw allies build or a ub eldrazi build. Allies seems safer... #MTGBFZ

    The prerelease packaging is a lot better this time around. Kudos to @wizards_magic #MTGBFZ

    Gw allies deck i ran at #MTGBFZ prerelease, only went 1-2 (lol). Was considering the ub build shown as alternative

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  • So many things I want to catch up with when I get back home @_@

  • One of the benefits of being in London: Streaming the new Doctor Who as soon as it comes out

  • Lamb. Baaaaa

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  • Spaghetti with bacon bits and egg+cheese sauce. Turned out better than i expected lol

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  • The best part of the trip is that I'm staying in a pretty nice neighborhood

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  • Breakfast of champions

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  • Kids playing around just outside the flat

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  • Penne carbonara

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2015 August

  • Museum of Natural History

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    There was an actual Grimlock toy in the exhibit lol
    A stegosaurus from China. It's named after the town where it was found (which I don't remember)
    Mammut (mammoth) skeleton
    Iguanadon (I think)

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  • Passed by the Science Museum as well. Feels like a mad scientist lab #tourist

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