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I usually log links to interesting articles that I read over on Pocket, which get fed into the links list on this blog, but that page only shows the most recent ones, so I thought I’d highlight some in a post as well. Recent science news: scientists have managed to image the event horizon of a black hole! Here’s a nice article about why that’s a big deal and some interesting science stuff behind it.

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I came across a website that provided an online Speed Reading Test. Most people I know generally know me to be a fast reader so I decided to take the test. My results: 472 words per minute screen reading, at 82% comprehension, which the website says classifies me as a “good reader”. Apparently the best readers can read at 700wpm at 85% comprehension, sounds tough =/ Try the quiz and post your results here.

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Simple Search -- Gatherer -- Magic: The Gathering Beta version of the new Gatherer (tags:¬†magicthegathering) BrowserPlus‚ĄĘ (tags:¬†programming¬†javascript¬†web¬†framework) Snackr: an RSS ticker for Windows/Mac/Linux built using Adobe AIR and Flex. (tags:¬†flash¬†software¬†cool)
30 Websites to follow if you‚Äôre into Web Development -- Six Revisions (tags:¬†articles¬†webdesign) blueprintcss -- Google Code (tags:¬†css¬†framework) YouTube -- Developing and deploying an application on Google App Engine (tags:¬†framework¬†web¬†cool)  
Flash Preview of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (tags:¬†flash¬†games) Kotaku -- Work and Play: A Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming's Greatest I like looking at shots of people's desktops. It feeds my geek envy. (tags:¬†games¬†industry¬†screenshots) Full Metal Alchemist scans (tags:¬†manga) Null -- This website doesn't exist! One Piece scans (tags:¬†manga) Step By Step: Share a Printer on Your Home Network -- Lifehacker (tags:¬†howto)  
YouTube -- Algorithm March with Prisoners The inmates at a prison in Cebu perform the Algorithm March from Pythagoras Switch (tags: music weird pinoy) YouTube -- "Thriller" The inmates at a prison in Cebu perform the "Thriller" video. This has got to be a really entertaining prison. (tags: music weird pinoy) Gang Kidnaps Gamer to Get Password Using Fake Orkut Date -- Gizmodo

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Blogging Ultima A blog about playing through each one of the Ultima games, in sequence. I should do this. For Final Fantasy. When I retire or something. (tags:¬†games) -- About Java game engine (tags:¬†java¬†programming¬†gamedev) -- Resources -- Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules Changes from Set to Set (tags:¬†magicthegathering) -- Resources -- Magic: The Gathering Oracle Changes from Set to Set (tags:¬†magicthegathering)  
Tech Life Most start-ups fail -- Rands In Repose: 1.0 (tags:¬†entrepreneurship¬†articles¬†software) Rands In Repose: Free Electron (tags:¬†hackers¬†productivity¬†software) Rands In Repose: Taking Time to Think (tags:¬†articles¬†productivity¬†software) quixoticals: The Most Frustrating Super Mario Mod Ever What an unspeakably cruel pair of stages. (tags:¬†games¬†funny)  
Desktop Tower Defense Okay, I wasted about an hour of my time playing this. On easy mode. And I couldn't finish it. I suck on tower defense. (tags:¬†flash¬†games¬†web-games) How-to: Installing Ubuntu Linux on a usb pendrive | Debian/Ubuntu Tips & Tricks (tags:¬†howto¬†linux¬†usb)  
Software is hard | Salon Books (tags: articles software-development) Super Mario Bros 3 | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation Cool and very geeky SMB3 theme for Firefox. Unfortunately, it takes up far too much screen real-estate. (tags: firefox themes) Convince Me -- Debate Online I love it that the internet gets a dedicates debating website and the #1 item is "

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