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2019 July

  • Grand Prix Seattle 2019

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2017 December

2010 September

  • Scars of Mirrodin Prerelease Report!

    I haven't written a tournament report in a while (maybe because I've been playing rather poorly lately? =/), but Prereleases are always fun right? Here's my Scars of Mirrodin prerelease report! The first hour was spent waiting in an unbearably hot basement area for the 8th player on our table to register his sealed pool. What? yeah, he was late, and the event started early so the airconditioning was not yet on. Sad face. The pool I registered was terrible, no money rares and felt a bit short on playables, but the pool I got passed was better (not really

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2010 August

  • M11 Sealed -- You Make the Play

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2010 May

2010 April

  • Just a quick dump of my impressions of RoE limited from the prerelease. I'll probably post a more detailed analysis later. The RoE limited format is fun and it is slower than Zendikar, but you still need to keep an eye on your curve (even though that curve may now end with 7-8-9-and up instead of 5-6... ). Lots of ground stalls, so guys with evasion are much more valuable. I think a good limited deck would revolve around a number of good leveler creatures, as these guys are basically must-kill before they get to the long game. Excellently designed

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  • Rise of Eldrazi Prerelease Report

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2009 April

  • SSC Draft at ARB "Prerelease"

    As any Filipino player can tell you, local prereleases had to be postponed due to some problems with customs. Since NG had already rented out the space for the prerelease at Galleria, they went ahead and held some constructed events + drafts for people who came, and graciously gave out freebies to those disappointed would-be prereleasers. Kudos to NG for handling the situation well. I lent out my 5cc deck for a friend to play, and went SSC drafting instead. I opened a crappy pack and just took removal -- Skeletonize then second pick Executioner's Capsule hoping to go Jund.

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2006 March

  • Grand Prix Manila

    Maybe it's just me, but Wizard's coverage of Grand Prix Manila last weekend seems just a tad condescending to Filipino Magic players. Not that we mind, after all, local bets actually did kick ass and shrugged off the Japanese invasion. If you are in fact a Filipino Magic player, then I hope you know what I'm talking about -- last weekend at the Robinson's Galleria Trade Hall, almost four hundred local and foreign Magic: The Gathering players gathered for the third-ever Grand Prix event held in Manila. I was there, of course, since for some reason I enjoy this expensive

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