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2020 May

2017 May

  • 🔁 Repost from Jon Limjap:

    Jon Limjap No amount of education can prepare you to battle confirmation bias. "The anger flows both ways, but the bulk of attacks come from Duterte supporters. To criticize or even appear to question him or his policies can invite trouble." # politics 'Democracy as we know it is dead': Filipino journalists fight fake news

2016 December

2016 July

  • 🔁 Repost from Jon Limjap:

    There are two rampant fallacies that have long been brewing in Facebook, so bear with me, I wanna rant about this idiocy.

    Fallacy #1: The call for due process and human rights is a call for leniency in criminality.

    Rebuttal: The job of the police is to deliver due process. Their duties are defined in their mandate. Arrest criminals, who are then considered innocent until proven guilty. Collect evidence and note sufficiency or lack thereof. Let suspects (aka, the accused, wrongly or rightly) stand trial, jail and sentence if guilty, release if innocent.

    This is, of course, the perfect world -- and I recognize the imperfection has to be addressed. And that the guilty, with enough money, can be released (ehem...). But killing criminals has never been the mandate of the police either, albeit they are allowed use lethal force as defined by their rules of engagement. Rules -- that shit ain't arbitrary.

    And don't get me started about vigilante killings. If you're not a police officer or deputized LGU personnel you have no right wielding lethal force in the guise of law enforcement.

    Fallacy #2: Why are you complaining now that the police are doing their job? Why weren't you complaining when children were being killed and women were being raped...

    Rebuttal: Eeeeeng!!! Argumentum ad passiones. Appeal to emotion. Here's the thing: nobody said they didn't feel anything about the latter. In fact, we feel strongly when the police aren't doing their jobs.

    Our problem is this: if criminals wrong us, we can call on the police. They are the ones mandated to help and serve us and keep the peace. So in the past, the complaints are directed towards the PNP not doing their job.

    However, if the police wrong us... who do we call? The marines? Vigilantes? Superheroes? No, fuck it, we can't call anybody. Hence the calls for the CHR and other institutions that provide the check and balance against the police. Granted the CHR will always sound like they're attacking the police and siding with criminals -- but first: innocent until proven guilty, second: that's their job as a measure of check and balance.

    So there, rant over. Further brain checks can be availed of at cost.

2016 April

  • 🔁 Repost from Jon Limjap:

    May dalawang botante, si Reklamador at si Inbestor. Anim na taon ang nakalilipas, ganito ang naging usapan nila...

    Reklamador: Walang nagawa ang administrasyong M! Palitan natin ng Kandidato P! Siya ang magliligtas sa atin!

    Inbestor: Pero parang mas malinaw ang plataporma ni Kandidato G...

    Reklamador: Wala akong pakialam! Sinisiraan lang si P! Siya ang magliligtas sa atin!!!

    Nanalo si Kandidato P at naging Pangulo. Si Inbestor ay nagtipid ng salapi upang maginvest sa stocks at mutual funds, at pinalago ito sa loob ng 6 na taon. Si Reklamador, walang kaalaman sa pagpapalago ng salapi. Lumipas ang 6 na taon, at napunta tayo sa kasalukuyan...

    Reklamador: Walang nagawa ang administrasyong P! Palitan natin ng Kandidato D! Siya ang magliligtas sa atin!

    Inbestor: Pero parang mas malinaw ang plataporma ni Kandidato R. Saka kahit na di ko binoto si kandidato P, tumaas naman value ng stocks at mutual funds ko...

    Reklamador: Wala akong pakialam! Staks at mutual fans ka jan! Elitista! Sinisiraan niyo si D! Siya ang magliligtas sa atin!!!

    Sa tingin niyo, sino ang patuloy na uunlad, at sino sa kanila ang patuloy na aasa lamang?