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2006 December

  • The Meaning of Christmas

    When you're a kid, the days leading up to Christmas are full of wonder and anticipation, and you eagerly await that time when the gifts under the Christmas tree are finally handed out to the recipients and you tear open those packages with such enthusiasm and disregard for the effort put into wrapping it. As an adult, the days leading up to Christmas are filled up with days of overtime as you struggle to meet year-end targets, constantly having to attend gathering after gathering, and worrying about whether you've gotten the right presents for people. In my case, since people

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2006 January

  • ... but I just want to see what happens now. The transition from the last year felt a bit strange to me. Usually, the new year is a time for letting go of the past, and looking ahead to a whole new future. That so perfectly described the end of the last year, as things changed around me and just naturally fell into positions where I would be able to leave them behind. Things changed, things I had known for a long time and taken from granted. I look forward to the coming year. A new beginning I suppose. I

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2002 August

  • I'm pissed off. Today I went to Ortigas for a job interview with a nameless IT company where my cousin Rachel works. I was quite optimistic too β€” the position was for a "Java Trainee." I was more than willing to be trained, and a trainee position meant you didn't have to be proficient in Java right? Turns out I was wrong. =( Apparently they needed someone with some experience in Java, preferably with a project or two under his belt. I tried to convince the interviewer that I had a lot of raw talent and learn pretty fast anyway,

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2002 July

  • Interview With Texas Instruments

    Sometimes my still being unemployed depresses me greatly (Although my periods of depression typically last no more than thirty minutes.) The biggest problem in my job-hunting woes is the fact that the type of job I want varies greatly from what I have training in. I want to be involved in IT or programming, but I don't have a lot of the skills necessary to succeed in those fields. I will probably always regret not shifting to Computer Science or even Computer Engineering early on in college. If I had I would've probably had a much easier time. In any

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2002 April

  • I stood there wordlessly, inching my way through the unending mass of people. There must have been several hundred people crammed into less than two hundred square meters of mall area, interspersed with some twenty cubicles filled with various displays and banners. What madness is this you ask? What product could be so enticing that hundreds of otherwise sane people to participate in such a gathering, jostling for space and risking being elbowed, stepped on or maybe even pick pocketed? The answer was employment. That most important symptom of security that people crave especially in tough times such as these.

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