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Jan 2020

Posted on r/humblebundles: Is there any way to sort/filter the Humble Store by price?

I have a $5 coupon that’s expiring on the 3rd (from the BS region lock on Soul Calibur VI in the previous monthly) that I want to use, but I don’t want to spend more than that (I’d rather not buy anything on the Humble Store if possible - Steam always gives me better regional pricing). The sort/filter options on the store make it tedious to find all games $5 or below

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Nov 2019

Posted on r/humblebundles: They need to handle region-locked games better in the humble monthly

So I was looking forward to playing Soul Calibur VI in the December early unlocks, but today I find out it’s “unavailable in my region” and all I get is a $5 coupon for my trouble. =/ They could have indicated that in the promotional materials they kept sending me!

I wish they had an option for me to just gift the code to someone who is in the correct region (that way I can at least set up a trade maybe?). Instead I get a $5 coupon that IDK if I’ll be able to use; I never purchase stuff from the Humble store because Steam gives me better regional pricing. It would be nice if I could apply the coupon to one of their other bundles instead.

So that this isn’t just a rant, can I ask if purchases off the Humble store always give a Steam key?

Edit: I found out that Soul Calibur VI is actually purchasable for me on both Steam and the Humble Store, so IDK what’s up with that “unavailable in my region” thing.

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