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2017 July

2017 March

  • 4k XLocal tech blog YugaTech is doing a giveaway of a Sony X8000D Bravia 4K TV. To be honest I wasn't sure about using this blog to participate in a promo, but I was already in the market for a new TV since our living room TV is already starting to have some problems. I checked out the product features of the Sony X8000D Bravia on their website. Some of the features stood out for me specifically: 4K HDR -- this means you get to watch high definition 4k videos. Perfect for those who really enjoy high quality displays. The

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2012 December

  • Posted on r/hardware: Looking for a replacement video card, around $100-$120 budget, suggestions?

    My GTX460 vid card just died and I'm looking to buy a replacement tomorrow. I can't buy online, so I've been looking at price lists of some local stores.

    I was planning to get an Inno3d GTX650, but the store I plan to buy from is out of stock of those. They have an Asus GTX650, but it's like 50% more expensive =/ (Not sure if there's a large difference between the brands). What alternatives should I be considering before I go out to the mall tomorrow?

    I'm a gamer, but I'm not really the "play on ultra-high settings" kind of guy. The most graphically intensive game I've bought recently is probably Skyrim.

    I prefer Nvidia, but aside from preference, not many Radeon cards are being sold around here. Here's a sample price list from one of my local stores: - prices are not in USD, they're in PHP, but roughly my budget should be around 5000+ or less in local prices. There's not many choices if I can't find an Inno3d GTX650...I'm willing to spend a little bit more if it will be more "future proof", but I'm not sure which of these cards would be a good buy at higher prices.

2007 May

  • I bought a new phone yesterday. At the recommendation of my brother, I got one from the Nokia N-series, the Nokia N73. As a relatively recent smartphone release, it cost quite a chunk of cash. I was having second thoughts for a while, because I'm almost never comfortable parting with a significant amount of cash. If I'm going to spend more than a week's salary on something, it better provide me with a decent amount of entertainment I was also hesitant, because I didn't really need a new phone. It's not like I'm the type of guy that buys shiny

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2006 October

  • I wish I had a camera right now so I could post a picture of it, but yeah, I now have a brand-new 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor on my desk. Wow, I have so much space! Both physical space and desktop space! I came home at past 12 midnight last night and was so sleepy I would have immediately went into a catatonic sleep had my brother not brought home and installed this new monitor. I pretty much had to play WoW for a few hours on it first. As my friend said, "It's the law!" In other news, I

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2005 October

2005 May

2004 August

  • Spent some cash this weekend. First thing was a 256 Mb Kingston flash drive. Nothing too complicated, just something to transfer MP3s to and from work with. =) Next up was a digital camera. A Kodak CX6330 to be exact. We had been planning to buy one for a while. Pics? Not now. Funny story though. There was this promo where we could get a P5000 discount (less than US$100) if we could show a receipt for P200 worth of Pampers (a local brand of baby diapers)... so I had to explain to people why in the world I was

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2003 January

  • Yes I do. I bought a new hard drive yesterday, a 40Gb 5400RPM Seagate. It took me a while to get the system up and running again after my plugging it in. First I had to wrestle with my PC's small case, trying to figure out where to place the thing. Then, given how old my PC is, it predictably failed to detect the whole capacity of the drive, insisting it was only 8 Gb. I went down to Seagate's website and did some Dynamic Drive Overlay thing that let me overcome the BIOS limitations. But the DDO installed a

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