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2022 May

  • It has been a difficult week, particularly for supporters of VP Leni Robredo, given the outcome of the election last Monday. It's taken me a few days to gather my thoughts, and even then, some of these ideas may still seem raw and unrefined. Some were also the outcome of numerous conversations with fellow supporters both before and after the elections. Disclaimer: I am of course, not an expert of any kind, and these are just my personal thoughts (some refined by many conversations in the immediate 48-96hrs after the election. So very many active group chats!) Hope and Disappointment

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    Lol my mood is all over the place. Sigh, such a waste.

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    My coping mechanism is quotes apparently

    Quoted roytang's tweet:

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - W. Churchill

    Quoted roytang's tweet:

    Time flows like a river, and history repeats

  • Today is the day of destiny. Starting a thread for when I go out later. #Halalan2022

    (Mga madali mainip kaya late na boboto hoping na onti na ang pila 4 Leni)

    Stay strong Pilipinas!

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    #Halalan2022 Pro-tip: If you have not yet gone to vote, you can search Twitter for your voting location ("Sth Sth elementary school") to see if people have reported how long the queues are, vcm problems etc

    Vote has been cast at Tandang Sora Elementary School. Around 20 mins once we found the room

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    Still so many people though. Social distancing impossible. Think vcns in other precincts at same site had problems as someone was on a loudspeaker telling voters to wait or leave their ballots for batch feeding.

    Our room was on the 2nd floor; my seniors were able to handle it but what abt PWDs? Still, happy we were able to vote quickly, though as usual the elem school seats could only accomodate one of of the butts lol

    Good luck to everyone still trying to vote today and I hope we all pass today's collective IQ test! #Halalan2022