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2016 May

  • It's an indication of narrow mindedness that BBM supporters don't understand where Leni's votes are coming from. It's a dictatorial mindset that doesn't understand that people can have other POVs outside of their personal echo chambers

  • Bilang second placer sa halalan, pwedeng sumunod si Roxas sa mga yapak ni Erap. Takbo na lang syang mayor ng Cubao

  • Nakakasira ng faith in humanity yung mga nagpopost ng #BBM4VP sa Twitter (I blame Red kaya ako nagbasa nito). I'm kind of tempted to write a Twitter bot to reply to all these people and berate them a bit, but as Maoi would say I am sadly burdened with decency

  • Sana magconcede na si Roxas first thing in the morning. Pag hindi, aapihin na naman sya sa social media :p

  • I'm happy to say I managed to get through the election period without having to block or unfollow anyone because of election shenanigans. Yes, even the most obnoxious ones, pinagtyagaan ko kayo lahat haha. Sana wala din nagunfollow sakin :p

  • With a difference this close, neither one of the leading VPs will be conceding. You can bet it's all going to be contested all the way to the canvassing by the PET

  • Yung mga supporters ni Leni di pa makatulog D: Down the wire!

  • Sa dami ng namimigay ng sample ballot outside the voting site, I was tempted that when the next one came over at me I would raise my hands in the air and loudly shot "ABA BAKIT MO AKO INAABUTAN NG FIVE HUNDRED PESOS! AYAW KO NAMAN IBOTO YANG SI !" (Don't do this)

  • What if may presidential candidate tayo named UNDERVOTE? Frank Undervote

  • So, after all that weighing of pros and cons of the different candidates, I might be the only idiot who accidentally voted #abstain4president. It wasn't any glitch in the machine or the ballot, just a glitch in the user. After standing in a hot queue for one hour, I took my ballot and sat down. I decided to skip the President slot first and just come back to it later since I was undecided, then filled in VP, Party-List and Senators. I decided to just skip the local candidates altogether and submitted my ballot and only realized my mistake when the scanner said UNDERVOTE for president. Oh well, I guess it was my destiny to abstain after all haha. I leave the rest to you guys!

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  • I think that what I've learned this election season, more than anything else, is how much more discerning the average Pinoy internet user needs to be (well, that's probably not exclusive to Pinoys)

  • I just realized: si Roxas and si Duterte parehong may anak na Paolo. Sana ang ending nila parang Batman vs Superman

  • For my pro-Duterte friends, I have a survey. I'm not going to try to change your minds, but which of the following views do you hold (EJK = extra judicial killings):

    1. I think there are no EJKs in Davao
    2. (removed - don't answer this, see comment below)
    3. I think there are EJKs in Davao, but the authorities/the mayor are not involved
    4. I think that those allegedly killed by EJKs were killed by authorities in legitimate operations or self-defense
    5. I think there are EJKs in Davao, and the authorities are involved, but it's okay because:
      a. They're criminals and they deserve it
      b. Going through the judicial system takes too long
      c. Hindi naman ako affected
      d. It is an acceptable price to pay for peace and order/progress
      e. winawarningan naman muna sila
    6. I don't want to think about it kasi wala naman akong first-hand info
    7. Something else (feel free to explain)

    If you are uncomfortable giving your answer in public, feel free to PM me

    [Cross-post] #### Posted on r/Philippines: Survey for Duterte supporters

  • This has been one of the most divisive and shenanigan-filled election campaign seasons ever, and politics is normally crazy in this country so that's saying something. There's a strong use of social media this time around, and it's led to the internet being a hotbed of opinions and propaganda and memes and lies and half-truths and threats of violence. I was hoping greater citizen involvement via social media and the debates would mean citizens have more information and thus would get to be more discerning, but it seems that things have only gotten worse. Hopefully we'll get there someday, but

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2016 April