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2013 May

  • Rise and shine, go out and vote early. #PHVote is down?

    Where can I find the list of incumbent QC councilors? =/

    What's up with the drop down list on the #Halalan2013 website?

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    Now in a line of around 50 people waiting to vote. Estimated wait time: 1 hour =/

    In fairness there's an order of magnitude less election trash around the voting area this time

    And it's raining now... 20 people left ahead of me, line moves faster than I thought

    Finally done. Total time around 1hr including waiting and the actual voting

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    Stop reacting to the unofficial count when it's like < 20,000 votes out of millions. Go to sleep, expect more solid results in the morning.

    Based on social media and discussions among people in the voting precinct, it feels like this time around a lot more people went out to vote and made wise and responsible choices. I hope new voters don't get too discouraged by the results; we've had idiots in the senate before, we can survive them (her?) again. We can't change the outcome anymore, but we should stay vigilant during the counting and figure out what we need to do to make things better next time around. Our responsibility doesn't end with one vote. Cheers :D

2010 May

2007 May

  • I still don't know how I am voting on Monday. Or even if I am voting at all. I'm thinking of voting for those 3 guys from Kapatiran, simply to reward the sheer chutzpah of their candidacies. The GO and TU coalitions seem largely irrelevant to me, you can be fairly sure those coalitions won't mean squat after the elections, so all these surveys keeping score of administration vs opposition seem a bit useless. I'm no lover of the GMA administration, but the opposition's offerings don't leave a very good taste in the mouth either. I'd much rather bring in

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